In life, business, and matters of the heart, intentions are just as important as the energy you show up with, if not, more.

And business, is definitely a matter of the heart as an entrepreneur and passionate business owner.

During this time of social distancing, social media use is at its highest. As both a consumer and creator online, ask yourself:

Are you being intentional with your time on social media?


Are you holding the emotional connection so you followers can find depth in what you share? 

Often we underestimate the power of our intentions and how they affect every interaction—in person and online. But success in business is equal parts mindset, action, and intention. This is why it is your responsibility and sacred duty to hold space for all that you want your audience and clients to receive, before they even consume your content.

Here are some ways you can show up intentionally online:

  1. Embody the emotion and feeling before you post. Sharing a post just for the heck of it will not evoke the desired feelings or response you are looking for from your audience. They need to like, know and trust you they grow to the next level of potentially investing in your business mission/ service. Before you post, ask yourself “Why am I sharing this?” “What am I wanting them to feel?” Take a moment and feel it yourself, then write! Trust me, emotions and energy can be felt through written word.
  2. Scroll with focus. Too often, many of us mindlessly scroll social media without any thought as to what our intention is.   If your focus is to “zone out” and be entertained, go for it.  But often, we believe we are using social media to grow our business but we are not being intentionally with our focus while scrolling. For example, if your goal is to connect with potential new followers that may resonate with your mission, then approach social media with that clear focused goal in mind and energetically be looking for like minded friends.  If your goal is to help followers feel seen and supported by you, stick to that focus and genuinely read and love on their content.  Maintain your intention and energy with social media and you will make a bigger impact, without the endless hours of random scrolling and distraction.
  3. Keep your bigger WHY as your anchor.  For passionate, mission driven entrepreneurs like myself, it is not enough to just sell a process, or service.  Even if you whole-heartedly believe in the offer, there is a deeper reason behind why you created it or sell it.  Go back to the reason you started, the reason you are posting about it, the reason you care enough to talk about it repeatedly. Recently I hosted a virtual summit that was wildly successful, and it was easy to get caught up in the speakers and my team promoting it on Instagram, but when things got out of focus online, I had to go back to the real reason why.  It was and event to raise money for single moms out of work from COVID-19. I had to remember that those moms feeling valued, seen and worthy was the anchor to selling this event.   Always, always go back to the deeper why when you start to lose focus online.

These days, more than ever, visibility is high online. But so is the noise. I will leave you with this last question.

Do you want to add to the noise, or move people to change?