Transparent house in Baleares, Spain.

There is a saying that states ‘nothing changes until something changes,’ and no truer words have been said. From my perspective, this is the true beginning of transparency. Being transparent is simply being easily detectable. In other words, someone else (outside of you) can look at you and know what you are about, whether in…




The self

Yet, being transparent only comes from a strong allegiance to the truth. Unfortunate that in our society we don’t automatically show up in transparency….

Well, actually, let me back up for a moment if I may.

As a child we enter the world full of transparency, then as we grow, we learn how to hide ourselves from the truth as it seems to hinder us. This is apparent for numerous reasons however the fact remains that by adulthood, we tend to shelter who we really are.

As we develop into our own person, outside of the confines of our parents or guardians, we come into an understanding of our own truth.

The closer we live inside of our truth, the more transparent we become. When living inside of transparency we begin to eliminate fear.

Transparency eliminates fear

Now that we are caught up…

Transparency reveals truth. The more transparent we are the more truth we live. There is no fear of what others think because we have nothing to hide. Certainly, we all have private issues we don’t discuss privately (this is not about ‘airing dirty laundry’) however there is a truth, or a confident boldness that we walk in where we don’t have to hide.

Living in truth allows us to live free. Truth means that we are not consumed with what lie we said to who at what time, so rather than spending emotional energy on manipulation we can spend our emotional energy on things that matter most.

Transparency requires teaching. When we remain teachable, we can be certain that we can be transparent. Being teachable means that there remains a humility inside us that says, ‘I don’t know it all… and it’s ok.’ The bigger the ego, the less transparent we become. The less transparent we become the harder our heart gets and eventually we start to hide things, manipulate the truth, and ultimately live lies as reality. 

Every single one of us can immediately think of one teacher that impacted us most. When teaching is good it is memorable, it is sustainable, it in fact does its job, which is to create change. Change is the only constant and being transparent permits change (i.e.: growth) to happen…naturally.

Transparency reasons tweaks. Living inside of truth allows us to make adjustments in our life that will maintain our transparency. We are not afraid to take responsibility and reset when needed. With responsibility comes action. Action is a result of need. When a need arises, it creates opportunity for change. Living in alignment with our truth, being transparent, positions us to make tweaks when they are required. This awareness may seem simple to those of us who live transparently, yet to others it is a profound statement that perhaps elevates us in their eyes.

This elevation merely reminds others of where they may not be living with transparency and as such may challenge them to change.

Fear hinders and transparency heals

At the end of the day, we must ask ourselves if we want to live in fear or freedom. If the choice was easy there would be no fear left in the world. The choice is not easy however it is simple. Transparency delivers a freedom that produces better opportunities for us to choose from.

Choose well.