Before you get ready to kiss 2017 goodbye

We are days away from 2018. This year has gone by so fast. With the Trump win and fires all around California and shakes ups in the rest of the world, our inner challenges have been no less. Some would say we have entered a revolution while others would say we are all melting together in one pot. If you are like me, you are still letting 2017 sink in. We are also in a mercury retrograde with a third super full moon around the corner. This all simply means it’s the perfect time to go within before you get ready to kiss 2017 goodbye.

So, as you embark on 2018, here are four things you can do now:

So, make a cup of hot tea, put on some favorite music on Pandora, grab your favorite holiday munchies and reflect on these questions:

1. What did you do in 2017 that are most proud of?

Let’s face it – most of the time our inner critics can run the show. When we spend our energy looking at good things in your life, we reinforce to our being that we deserve to embrace our greatness and notice all that we accomplished vs. not.

Most of us are so busy going on automatic pilot that we forget to acknowledge ourselves for all the things we did accomplish. We can run on overwhelm or just not take the time to look at all the good stuff from 2018. For me, I am proud of the speech I gave in front of South Asian women even though I was so anxious week before leading up to it and slowing down among all the hustle of the day to day life. What about you? Do write down all the little and big things you achieved.

2. Clean up your home

Are there things hanging around in your home or your bills that you know need to let go of? Wouldn’t it be nice that you didn’t let this linger onto 2018 or maybe a part of it can be done in 2017? Are there unresolved communications that you need to clear up. Could you pay off that one bill or ask for that help?

When we clear up old stuck energy, we make room for newness to enter in our life at an energetic level. We also feel better about ourselves for having cleaned up after ourselves and suddenly we have more space to breathe. This raises our self esteem and reinforces to us that we are deserving of cleaning up our own mess.

What are 2-3 things you can take care of in 2017? Could you hire help if you couldn’t do it yourself? What do you not want to do in 2018 that you couldn’t in 2017?

3. Your spiritual clock

This is an amazing time to reflect and be with yourself. Do you have time set aside to meditate, yoga, or go for a walk in the nature?

When we make time for ourselves from a lighting a candle, dancing, meditating, going for a walk in the nature – we send a signal to the Universe that we are important and deserving of this time. This is an act of self love and compassion. We are also able to hear our own answers when we allow enough time to listen and reflect.

What structure could you put in place to allow time to be with yourself and maybe even do the exercises above?

4. One Word

What is one word that represented 2017 for you? Go ahead and put it somewhere you can see it may be on a sticky or a mirror with a dry erase marker. Now, go ahead and write down what you want your 2018 to represent? Really feel in this new word. You are now marking what you want your year to represent.

With so much love, I wish you take in all the beautiful memories of 2017 and embark on a beautiful journey of 2018. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you!