In tough times, Be thankful for every single part of your morning routine. When I open my eyes, I’m grateful that I get to live to see another day! I’m thankful that God woke me up again! As I walk to my bathroom, I give thanks for running water and for toothpaste, and for the bed, I just slept on. I’m grateful for my home, the coffee I drink, and the food on the table. You don’t have to limit yourself to just ten blessings. Ten is a good starting point, but to really feel amazing, you can keep adding more to your list! I encourage you all to add ten blessings to your list every day for the next few weeks. Also remember, this doesn’t have to take long. You can do this in as little as three minutes, but the difference it can make in your day is incredible.

People may tell me, ‘But Wendell, I don’t have time to meditate and give thanks.’

If you have time to rush to Starbucks for that Venti mocha, you have time to be grateful. If you have time to watch the news, which will more than likely put you in a not so good mood, you have time to give thanks. If you have time to check Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat right when you wake up, you definitely have the time to give thanks.

As you make gratitude a top priority, you will realize that you have so much to be thankful for! You’ll be so grateful that you won’t have any time to feel sad!

As you do this consistently, don’t be surprised when you notice your days have a special flow. Don’t be surprised when you get what other people will consider ‘lucky breaks.’ These don’t happen by accident. They happen through a concentrated effort of practicing gratitude!

Why do they say ‘practice gratitude’? Because nobody ever wakes up naturally grateful. There’s not a single person I know that doesn’t wake up grumpy and doesn’t go to bed with at least a little bit of anxiety. That’s why we have to take action and practice it.

Another excuse people use to not practice gratitude is that they’re going through some struggles. This is actually the most opportune time to be grateful! Practicing gratitude in times of trouble allows you to witness a turnaround!

Even if you are currently struggling in certain areas in your life, like your finances, health, or relationships, there is always something to be grateful for. When you look for the good in every situation, the situation must change in your favor!

We all experience significant problems in our lives. I’ve learned that life isn’t about the absence of problems, it’s about the presence of God’s power in the midst of those problems. It’s about how we respond to those issues that determine how long we have to endure them.