The Jersey Shore. On the bay. THE place for our family to unite, summer after summer. Blessed. Grateful. Tradition. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Our family has spent decades at the Jersey shore. Come one, come all. Hanging out on the deck, at the beach, in the kitchen. The tennis courts. Sand barrens. Freds. The Shuttle. Circle Pizza. The Loft.

So many memories. The dining room table. Rapping with Jack. Jack in the Box. James Bond movies. Camus. Cigars on the deck. An engagement. A graduation party in 1994. Birthday Parties. Three generations of family. Scrabble. Monopoly. New boyfriends. Old boyfriends. Jogging in yellow shorts at night. The Grill. The Raft. The outdoor shower. Up the “death spiral”. Happy Hour on the beach. On and on and on…So many people have stopped by, dropped by, raised a glass, sat on the deck, gazed at the stars, until the wee hours of the night. Sometimes even into the morning…

One space was truly special. Upstairs in “The Loft” watching Penn State football games. The US Open. The Australian Open. Wilson Chili. Tons of cheese. Crackers. Potentially, heart-stopping appetizers. Beverages that were best when chilled. Deep conversations. Life altering decisions. Togetherness.

I remember one time when our family was together in the loft watching “Old School” with Will Ferrell. Some of us laughed so hard we literally fell off the giant L shaped sofa. Wilson. Dad. Me. Great times. I still laugh.

As the years passed and the family grew, the loft was a place for friends “to crash”. To sleep off an evening at The Princeton. To watch golf while the fan spins and gently lulls you to sleep.

The furniture was durable. Rugged. That pull out metal framed bed. Always there as an option. Sure. No sheets needed! Stop by. Stay over. Plenty of space.

The TV was large. Samsung. A true treasure back when it was purchased. Circa 2008? Unsure. Dinosaur. It still keeps going. Today, bringing us “Bling Empire”, “Criminal Minds” and other “binge-worthy” content.

Enter Covid! The Loft be changed! September 9th, 2020. Covid. Family. Moving. Not alone. Together we are stronger. A 17-1/2 hour move! Exhausted. Change. Where to put everything. Family to the rescue.

So long-to what we loved and remembered about The Loft.

Enter Jacalyn. Bringing everything. Hello garage. Hello to the loft. Hello to taking over every closet in the house. Change. Everywhere. Mom and Jackie. Together. 24/7. A gift. An inspiration. Since June.

Change. Everything about the loft has changed. All the “old” furniture is gone. The loft is now a broadcast studio and…a gym. Spinning bike. Weights. Hula hoops. Bands. Yoga mat. Wine cooler!

Enter the GIANT Green Screen. Splitting the loft in two. Lights, camera, action. Computers, adapters, The Board, iPhones, iPads, towers, mouse & keyboard. Grit. Determination. Focus. Concentration. Clubhouse. Lunch Club. LinkedIn. Facebook. Insta. Twitch. Time for dinner. Stop working!

Dad. Mom. Debra. Jon. Tyler. Kim. Connor. Meagyan. Blake. Al. Chris. Lisa. Joe. Ashley. Diann. Dean. James. Alex. Heather. Sue. Donna. Annie. Keith. Chad. CJ. Mildred. Mindy. Pat. Mariska. Ralph. Red. Zane. Anna. Aminah. Mike. Rich. Elise. Samantha. Michael. Cinda. Megan. Greg. Shawn. Pat. Bonnie. Maarti. Alisha. Ralph. Katrina. ReneƩ. Martha. Vanessa. Dina. Rick. Jim. Barry. Lucille. Dawn. Emily. Paul. Many others. Thank you. Have my back. Inspire me. Help me. Coach me. Guide me.

Summer is coming. Broadcast studio. Moving. Nothing is the same. Love of family and friends has not changed. Only growing stronger. These past months have provided the opportunity to go somewhere new. To create. To appreciate. To collaborate. To facilitate. To give back. To lift up. To acknowledge. To thank.

Behind the Green Screen. Reinvention. Rebirth. Rejuvenation. Collaboration. Growth. Share your voice. Give back. Believe. Dream.

It happens. It can be yours.

Find your own green screen. Use your gifts. Be kind. Help others.