“I just wanted it more than anything. I enjoy it. The modeling industry is pretty dark, and I think I bring some joy and light to it with my positivity and my experience and knowing that this is just a job. It’s not life or death, and I mean, I just love it.”

– Alex Ferguson

Hello Workwell founder Lydia Loizides gets to the essence of a person, beyond their job title in our podcast Behind The Title. In Episode 2, we meet Alex Ferguson, a model, health and wellness coach, and speaker. She is so much more than just a magazine cover. Ferguson dives into what it means to work in an industry that values the exterior and how she keeps her head above water. She discusses her trying past, what she hopes 35 will look like, and how she uses her experiences to help women from every walk of life.

Here’s what working well means to Alex:

“Working well to me means working with integrity – being honest and having strong moral principles. I bring that quality to all the work I do. Following through on my word, standing up for what is right, and being honest when it’s tough is something that has allowed me to excel in my career.”

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