“You don’t realize how when you’re watching someone you admire, and how they move, that you want to kind of emulate that a little bit. There’s other people too – just other people that I respect in the industry that I just feel like, ‘they did that well’, and they didn’t really care that anyone knew them as one thing. Because that was the hardest thing to. People know you as this one thing, and they think you’re this one thing but we’re multifaceted. We’re all gonna evolve and grow.”

– Tiff McFierce

Hello Workwell founder Lydia Loizides gets to the essence of a person, beyond their job title in our podcast Behind The Title. In Episode 1, we meet Tiff McFierce, Madison’s Square Garden’s first black woman resident DJ, Aerie Real Model, Music Director, Dancer, and Entrepreneur. A woman of many titles. She divulges on making it through dark days, finding success, and “what’s next”, and trust us, she is so much more than just her job title (although that’s pretty “mc”fierce too!).

Here’s what working well means to Tiff:

“In a world set up for us to run a hamster wheel marathon, it’s taken me years on my own path to know what working well means to me. As an entrepreneur, DJ, and full time creative, self acceptance and self care is a big pillar of working well in my life. Growing and taking care of myself internally helps with any external goals I have. Working well is also community and paying things forward. I love to bring people together to connect with self and others in ways that continue to foster getting off the hamster wheel and diving into more of what draws light in us. I DJ with full purpose always to connect and use music, movement, and meditation with Look IN vs Lookin’, my wellness series, as a way to have some fun while working well.”

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