Manuela Fantini is an Italian digital entrepreneur. In 2019 she founded the Community Girlboss & Co. With more than 3000 members, they teach other women how to succeed in life, business etc.

On your website, you call the women in your community, “GirlBoss”; but what does that mean?

A Girlboss is essentially a woman who has decided to take control of her life and who works to get what she really wants.

She has learned to believe in herself, not to be ashamed of her ambition and to harness her small entrepreneurial spirit.

Above all, she is a woman who does not need to push others, because she is able to engage with them, remain authentic, modest and helpful, without the need to step on, offend haters. She is a confident person because she knows her worth, she knows how much she has to say and give to this world. She is willing to help other women achieve the same success, encouraging them, wishing them well and being open to share her resources.

What were your initial goals and dreams?

We wanted more freedom in our daily lives, and we were willing to fight to achieve our goals, so we decided to get involved, motivating and supporting others who believed in us.

What can you tell us about your community?  How you can describe it?

We wanted to create a place where we could learn new things without getting bored and where we would be encouraged to ask questions and discuss solutions together. A place where we can talk about our problems and confront each other, where we can feel comfortable and not judged, where we don’t have to study to pass exams, but simply improve constantly, always bigger, always better than the day before. A place where everyone’s opinion counts, where everyone’s character and personality have value.

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