(Front of card): “I have been blessed to be a blessing to others.” (Back): “Pass it on.”

I first picked up this powerful proclamation from a minister when I was singing in my cousin’s choir at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Honolulu, Hawaii.

And when I heard those words, they went straight to my heart.

Not only did I instantly appreciate all of the blessings that I’d received in my life, but I also realized that sharing those blessings was part of my greater purpose and mission.

To share my blessings was to pass them on—to pay them forward.

When I created this laminated card back in the 90s, I really didn’t understand how powerful this saying would show up in my life. But it did.

Every time I felt the nudge to reach out to someone or lend a helping hand, I came to understand how my interest in serving others was both a blessing to them and to me.

And as I continued to cultivate and refine my gifts of listening, speaking, and supporting others through writing, teaching, and coaching, I began to realize the value of sharing the most powerful blessing of all—myself.

There will always be opportunities to share tangible things with others—possessions; a meal; or a kind word. But there will also be times where sharing of ourselves through our time, attention, or presence will be the most powerful blessing of all.

This week, notice when you are feeling blessed and when you find yourself sharing the blessing of yourself with others.

Then perhaps you, also, will understand the power of passing it on.

Be safe. Be healthy. Be well.

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

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Image: My laminated Care Card