Being a cartoon, would be so much fun.

Enjoy freedom galore, share responsibilities none.

Play around with all, do mischiefs a ton.

Even then get admired, and liked by everyone.

All of us, have atleast once, visualized ourselves being a part of that dreamy world. The perfect world of those seemingly innocent toons.

What fun experience would it be indeed!

Imagine having the fortune of that lucky mice Jerry. Tom tried endlessly for life, but never got hold of him.

Quite often, he was the initiator of the fight. So in practice, he was the one responsible for most of the feuds. But even then, we all believed that he was innocent.

Notorious Jerry, I envy his fate.

He gets away each time, managing a clean slate.

He was the real-troublemaker, without any debate.

Still he received our love, while Tom suffered the hate.

Many of the toons — while we don’t take them seriously — tought us some of the best lessons in Life.

Johnny Bravo, though ironical, taught us to never give up. Even after all those unending failures in his quest, he continued his endeavors.

No matter how idiotic his purpose seemed to us, but he believed in himself. Showed up each time, and cherished all his efforts.

Cool Johnny Bravo, I wish I was that bold.

Failing with bronze, he dared to go for gold.

He screwed all time, got badly trolled.

But with each rejection, he bounced back seven-fold.

Some toons were simply an inspiration to follow.

Fred was definitely one of those. He seemed to be an ideal man of his age. Like some calm sage.

He was always kind and considerate with his fellow-men. While at the same time - the most humble being.

Fred Flintstone, such an inspiring man!

In the harsh stone-age, sustained his entire clan.

To defeat all adversity, he had a perfect plan.

His integrity and hardwork - surely made me his true fan!

The world of fantasy was amazing!

Each of us have wished to have that magic lamp, using which Aladdin escaped all his troubles.

I have prayed all my life for a ‘gennie’ who would obey all my commands. And fulfill all my desires - no matter how stupid they are.

Life would have been so smooth, If I was Aladdin.

I would turn a stone-into-gold, with the help of my loyal jin.

I would wash off easily - even my gravest of sin.

And turn every loss, into a thunderous win.

Everything was perfect in that world. All the plots, all the twists, all the Characters.

Take Calvin and Hobbes. A likable, hyper, rebel kid – finds his best friend in a wise Tiger.

Sounds so illogical. Yet for us, made perfect sense.

I look for someone, on whom I can depend.

As Calvin found Hobbes, I also seek a true friend.

We would cherish together, all the time that we spend –

On this journey of Life, without seeing any end.

On the other side, some toons made perfect sense. Like Dexter.

He represents that nerdy guy, who gave up on everything else, just to get his physics lesson right.

Surely none of us want to have that life where there is all work and no play. But we secretly aspire to have that intelligence and perseverance of Dexter, which would allow us to work towards our goals. And attain our dreams.

Genius Dexter, the most clever toon.

I want his brain, God please grant me this boon.

A secret Lab, machine to land on the moon.

Having all these stuff, would make me the most popular tycoon.

Then there was this all-powerful ally of undefeatable girls. They could scare anyone with their combined powers.

However, they used their courage to fight the trouble-causing forces of evil. They utilized their powers to maintain peace in their city. More so, they did this noble work — behind a mask, without asking for any praise.

They taught us to be selfless, in a true sense.

Powerpuff Girls - the most feared team.

Being part of their group, is everyone’s dream.

Combating goons, Fighting terror extreme.

While not taking any pride, what a quality supreme!

And then, there was this cool army of five. A fusion of personalities - as distinct as they could be.

Still, they created an ideal blend. And this weird combination was somehow able to unfold every mystery and unmask every criminal in the town.

We are not supposed to ask how, we simply have to enjoy the unbelievable. And be amused by this possibility.

With his funky gang, he finds every clue.

And solves every crime – just out of the blue.

Such an exciting life, had Scooby Doo.

Full of adventures, I would love to have that too.

Also, there was this little kid - Richie Rich. No doubt, he was the source of all our envy.

How I wish I had that life. That Luxury. That extravagant lifestyle. I could own anything on this planet.

With an unending supply of money, life would surely have been much more pleasant. Much more fun.

Wealthy Richie – If I was that rich.

I would have a perfect Life, without any glitch.

A private jet, my own baseball pitch.

All the problems would fade, on the press of a little switch.

Finally, how can we forget him?

Not a toon as such, but his life was as crazy and eventful as any of the other toons.

Without speaking a word, he taught us the most important lesson. He gave us the wisdom of being ourselves, no matter how awkward we are.

It is futile, even to try and act something that you are not. There is no peace in trying to appease people. So he always played his inner-self without caring an inch about the world.

And this is why he appealed to us. Because he was not afraid to be natural, or to be regarded as a fool.

He lived, he loved (mainly himself), and made us laugh!

Now the wisest of all — Mr. Bean.

A true genuine, though a little selfish and mean.

He gave us the wisdom to be authentic.

Never be someone else, don’t fall for that worldly trick.

Quirky, stupid - show what you are,

Don’t measure your self on someone’s expectation bar.

Its a messed up world, but don’t create a big fuss.

Just enjoy the little things, while you last in this crazy circus.

That’s All Folks !

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