I had the chance to sit down and chat with artist Chanel & the Circus, personal growth, health issues, and how it has effected overall lifestyle, family, and career as an artist.

What it EBV? How many people have it? Is there a cure?

Chanel & the Circus said, about 90% of people have some form of Epstein-Barr Virus, but it effects people in extremely different ways, that’s why it’s such a mystery. There is no medically proven cure, but there are remedies that work wonders for people like myself. Chanel & the Circus did a raw fruits and vegetables diet with as little fat as possible, vitamins, heavy metal cleanse, oxygen tank, neurovascular therapy, cognitive therapy and slow gradual exercise.  Here is an article on Epstein Barr Virus and autoimmune diseases posted by National Institutes of Health

What to do and how to respond when finding out or finding out someone we know may have Epstein Barr Virus?

You can get a blood test for EBV, but it only tests the antibodies so if your numbers are high you could have it now or it could have been from a past infection. Usually you are able to tell by the lost lasting extreme fatigue, foggy brain, immune disorder, nerve damage, vertigo, and aches and pains.

You’re an artist, does having a music passion keep you going? Pull you through?  

I don’t know what I would do without my art. I’ve been lucky enough to have music as my outlet throughout this whole process, and I’m actually healthy enough to release it now! When I was really sick I did small performances at cabarets just to remind myself that I had life within me and something to give, I wasn’t just a sick bedridden person. Granted it took me down for a week after, but I showed myself and my body that I wasn’t giving up.

New single by Chanel & the Circus

Chanel & the Circus channeled all emotions from life and health issues and wrote a song about healing called ‘Under the Impression of Depression’ 

Chanel & the Circus also recently directed a dance music video ‘The Last Time

Chanel & the Circus – foto by Svet Jaqueline

Chanel & the Circus is still healing and taking it easy, but is now more aware and has better boundaries; It just keeps getting better. Chanel & the Circus shares this story to be a ripple effect in hopes to shed light and support being a voice for artists who are going through emotional & life health issues.

Chanel & the Circus says, The mind and body are so intertwined it’s important throughout all this healing to be kind and patient with yourself. You can do it!

Artist Chanel & the Circus – foto by Mark Dektor

Some more info:

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Chanel & the Circus says, Medical Medium has great insight into the virus and also wonderful recipes.

You can find the heavy metal cleanse Chanel & the Circus did along with vitamins and the oxygen tank at Nutrikon

Chanel was featured in an article with VoyageLA

Connect with Chanel & the Circus on Instagram


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