Various studies have shown that married men make more money, work smarter, and even live longer. Likewise, a study cited by the WebMD report that ladies in healthy marriages have better heart health diminished anxiety, and experience better social life. As an entrepreneur, these are crucial elements to assuring you a better, happier, and longer life. A happy marriage could be one aspect that changes your business and personal experience for the better. Research at Columbia University found over ten ways that marriage positively impacts couples to make more money.

Paul Melella Jr. and Christopher Berlow are co-owners and Co-founders of the Empowered mastery. For two decades, the Putnam guru- Paul Melella has toured the world. Being a bestselling author, real estate investor, a nine-time New York State Champion, 7th-degree black belt taekwondo, he donates over $20000 in scholarships to children. Christopher Berlow a Mohegan lake residence on the other hand; a lifelong martial artist, a philanthropist, national medalist, an avid practitioner and instructor with a rich experience of a whopping 35 years, a real estate investor and a 7th-degree black belt in Taekwondo is also an author too. Amazingly, Berlow is an avid experienced hiker who has hiked significant mountains across the world such as Kilimanjaro, Himalayas, and Live Volcanoes in Ecuador. Chris and Paul have both ran multiple 1/2 and full marathons, and team 200-mile races both mountain bike competitors. Paul has won a USA Cycling National Championship.  

In their youths, these first-class champions and national competitors and medalists have successfully raised their kids, Chris’s son being a professional martial artist. The duo is happily married – Christopher married to one – Kathy Berlow and Paul Melella being a family man too. Melella and Berlow train and work with their wives, snowboard and run races with them. Besides, these experts donate and raise money and give leadership seminars for youth groups. The two entrepreneurs keep rocking the business world. Their passionate multidimensional success story is something to grasp, and this is what you need to know:

You Have Infinite Power

Success is not final; failure isn’t fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. The martial arts experts; Melella and Berlow openly share their triumphs and failures. They reveal how you can be happier, prosperous, and self-confident. Their lessons on making both a living and a life- are a combination of philosophy and martial artist’s lifestyle. 

The entrepreneurs’ have a passion for helping people attain happiness, entertaining them, and enlightening them at the same time on success. Investing high energy on planning and being an example to family and colleagues has become the life purpose of the gurus. The champions have transformed their lives forever through the increase of self- awareness. Loving relationships, having a daily appointment with their wives and kids is not just a choice but a priority. Health, happiness, love, passion, and helping others has been a top priority in the success journey. A growth mindset is a power generator of ‘yes, you can!’

Living Right is an Adventure

The power to choose lies in your hands. For Melella and Berlow, life is challenging at times, but living is easy! Life has never been boring to be precise. Touring the world with the family for the past twenty years, studying the most influential leaders of peak performance, personal growth, and healthy living is just a drop in the ocean. The experts chose to be the best of them- living up to their potential. Melella and Berlow love what they do, based on the value that they teach and learn. Melella provides his clients with the necessary mental fortitude to live a life of passion and purpose.

Life, however, keeps throwing stones. The journey to success has encountered many challenges. Melella and Berlow rejoice and embrace those challenges when they come. It is true that the higher the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. The entrepreneurs visualize their past experiences, and they get empowered to move on. They use empowering statements to control and redirect their thoughts. Consistency, persistence, and patience are what keep propelling these entrepreneurs higher.

How to Be Successful

Success is not something you pursue or follow but something you attract by the person you become. Success calls for diligence and proper planning- organizing your day around. Melella, for instance, may send an inspirational email to his clients, have tea with his wife and children, and have a daily reminder of an appointment.

You need to understand what exactly you want to do and the reason why you must do it. This realization will help you achieve your life objective top priority being your health, your wife, kids, relationships, careers, among others. Therefore, to protect your mindset, focus on whatever you are doing. To put it better; what you are doing is what you are doing!

Go where you feel most alive. Change your mindset today and reach out to your goals and dreams. It is true you can be successfully married, have a successful business, and be healthy. Why? Because you have infinite power!