I don’t have time.
There is too much to do.
I am so freaking busy.

Sound familiar?

Well I remember my first year of entrepreneurship like it was yesterday. I was so excited to finally quit my corporate career for the freedom of 
being my own boss. 

Living life on my own terms. 
Not having to request vacation. 
Free to do what I want, when I want.

But boy was I wrong….

What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of work it took to run a brick and mortar retail business. Before I knew it…BUSY became my answer
(or excuse) for everything. 

An excuse for why I didn’t have time to… 

Go for groceries. 
Clean the house. 
Make supper. 

…heck I hate to admit it, but even wash my hair. 


Lemme tell you dry shampoo became my new bestie. 

Can you relate?

But the hard truth is BUSY is a choice. I mean unless your name is 
Busy Philipps. 

And it was a choice I was making everyday, until I hit massive burnout in my business and nearly lost it all.

Talk about needing a wake up call, and real freaking fast. So I invested in a soul aligned business coach, as a Hail Mary to save my life and

Part of me hoped my coach would commiserate with me in my pain.
But if you’ve ever invested in a good coach, you and I both know that isn’t
what happened.

Ali, from Punch Drunk Soul, met me at my worst and let me sit in my
pain for a bit, before asking some hard pointed questions about why I felt the need to work so damn hard.

Then it dawned on me that my belief around success, money, business,
and life boiled down to this:

Doing more and working hard was the only way to achieve

Does this resonate?

Y’all already know I fully resonate with it, because I used to live in that
state all the time. But the sad truth is the only thing it kept me doing was
playing small, being a victim of my circumstances, and not taking
responsibility for my life and business.

It also led to massive burnout, and what nearly led me to
losing everything. I’d hit rock bottom, and I didn’t know the way out.

Until my coach asked me these three simple questions that I want to
share with you to help you avoid a similar fate.

Here goes, let’s dive in shall we.

If you are operating in survival mode and sinking in your business with
all the to-dos, I’d love for you to first take a quick inventory of where you are spending your time

Now ask yourself these three questions so that you can go from
overwhelmed to thriving in your life and business:

1. What can I delete?
2. What can I delegate?
3. What can I automate?

These three simple questions literally saved my business and life once I
got over my stubbornness of asking for help. So, don’t be the hero,
because busy is your choice, and BURNOUT is the result of being too