I love it when you actually respond to my questions that I pose to you. As you know, I find inspiration in sayings and quotes. And you guys came through!

I read a lot of quotes, not all of which I found inspiring. But there was one from one of my clients. And they said, “Clarity is kindness.” This is so simple and so true. Often, we avoid saying what we think because of fear, indifference, or uncertainty on how. Some people avoid giving harsh feedback because they don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings. 

What this simple quote is saying is it is not an act of kindness to spare them, it is an act of kindness to inform them. 

Feedback is a gift. 

Feedback is valuable information and how we deliver it can be with that kindness. But we need to make sure that they are clear on our intent, so that they interpret the information we’re providing them in the best and most useful way.

Directness does not have to be harsh.

This extends beyond feedback to even simply delegating a task. Talking in vague generalities and not giving a clear sense of what success looks like, is not empowering. The clarity of what success looks like with the ability to choose how you get there, that’s empowering!

So, keep communicating. Keep making your intention clear so that you have the desired impact. And remember, that clear communication is kind.

If there is a saying that inspires you, makes you think, or even one that you are not so sure about, send it my way!