Becoming clear about your values, intentions, credibility, authenticity, and confidence starts somewhere. Sure, we can talk about it in our heads for days. Certainly, an occasional post or article can provide new depths into those characteristics, however, until we write them down, they will only be fleeting.

To fully step into your personal power and purpose in life requires that we must develop and demonstrate a real sense of consistency in every aspect of our lives.

“Consistency is your ability to adhere to your values and intentions regardless of your circumstances”

Excerpt from the book “Spark” by Morgan, Lynch, & Lynch

Consistency determines whether you are ‘sometimes’ person or an ‘always person’ in life.

Consistency builds trust with yourself, your self-esteem, your self-reliance.

Consistency allows you to show up no matter what.


Inconsistency leads to missed opportunities.

Inconsistency creates a lack of hope.

Inconsistency can drive you to despair.

The journey towards consistency begins by clarifying those disciplines already in place in your life and determining which others you need to start including and develop. The most common element that stands between you and your goals and your success is often found in a lack of habit or routine, which can be remedied by planning and execution.

Work The Plan

Working the plan is half the equation. For any plan to work it needs execution (more on that in a moment). We must first develop the plan. The plan needs to be focused around what my expectations and desires are as well as the business.

The first thing that will happen when we head into executing plans are obstacles, walls, chains, discouraging words, mean people, etc. This is common. Some of it is based upon universal principles that when you want something you will be tested and tired to see if its what you really want. Sometimes it is people who think they have your best interest in mind, and they want you to remain safe.

The bottom line is that whenever we experience doubt, setbacks, or ambiguity about what we are doing, having a plan in place, written down will help bring us back to clarity of purpose and a refresh into acting upon initiative.

When the plan is not in place, then we are forced to rely upon our memory and emotions. Emotions change from time to time [insert rolling eyes and sarcasm], so to reply solely upon memory in a world where we are all multi-tasking whether we want to or not, is not enough.

The military talks about readiness all the time. When you look at successful strategies being carried out, there is always a written plan somewhere behind it.

Mission Critical

Finally, there is a critical element of having a plan written down.

Our Why.

What is your why?

The why is driving force behind all our what. Consistency is developed from an initial risk to complete something. That something isn’t arbitrary. There is always a why behind it. When we are clear on our why and we are reminded of that why (the written plan), our execution becomes a welcomed necessity.

That necessity breeds resilience – which is the result of the continued cycle of action, perseverance, and success.

When we honor our intentions with action, our consistency muscle builds.

Our follow through increases. Disappointments fade. Positive predictability becomes the norm.

The enemy of consistency is complacency

It’s Time

Time is the great equalizer. Each of us have the exact same amount of it each day. All we can do is make the best of the time we have.

Protect your time as best as you can.

Own your time, do not let time own you.

Invest in it wisely.

Create time blocks to engage in strategic planning and development -whether reading, writing, creating, or communicating.

Time management = accountability.

We are accountable to ourselves, our families, and our endeavors. Planning gives us the framework to be consistent. Consistency drives us towards success. Success allows for better time. Better time provides opportunity for future planning.