As closures, cancellations, and quarantines went into effect, it became clear that we were living in a time of crisis. And, like all crises, this one asked us to make a choice between constricting in fear and expanding in love. Which we chose helped determine how we as a global community would come through this, and what we’d look like on the other side.

After the city of New York announced a mandatory shut down of theaters, the Speakers Who Dare community chose to expand in love, opening up our imagination and embracing innovation.

Speakers Who Dare was a one of a kind TEDx-style speaking event dedicated to shining a spotlight on bold ideas. This year, our speakers got to be even more daring than they ever imagined—and so did you.

We swapped the stage in the Triad Theater on the Upper West Side for the world stage, and live streamed a 2 ½ hour movie of inspirational talks and performances.

All of the bold ideas. All of the passion and humor. All of the honesty and questioning and camaraderie. All in one event, that we watched together live.

In a world full of borders and travel bans, Speakers Who Dare asked our speakers to be brave enough to let go of their original dream of standing in front of an audience of 130, and to dream bigger.

You’re invited to dream with us, and be a part of the global change that happens when people around the world come together to share what unites and inspires us.

If you’ve seen the videos coming out of Italy and Spain where people who are quarantined are serenading each other from their balconies, you know the power of moving past physical separation to unite in our common humanity.

If you’ve seen the stories of restaurant owners turning their businesses into food delivery systems for those in need, you know the power of looking at the hard truths of the world and responding with courage and connection.

If you’ve seen the spontaneous surge in virtual gatherings and online meditations, services, and support groups, you know the power of participating in a shared collective experience. 

We need human connection more now than ever. And in a time of crisis, that means  running our businesses from a place of innovation and compassion. It means singing on our balconies. It means being daring enough to embrace something bigger than ourselves to share resources, ideas, knowledge, and love. 

On March 24, 2020, Speakers Who Dare streamed live and created a virtual vortex of positivity and hope for a better future. It’s one way we impacted our world for the better through the exchange of powerful ideas and inspiration. We hope you can create your own ways to be daring as we face–and overcome–this crisis together.

Speakers Who Dare was co-produced by Tricia Brouk and Jamie Broderick, formerly of TEDxLincolnSquare. Copywriting credit to Marissa Polselli.


  • Jamie Broderick

    Entrepreneur Success Coach

    Above the Crowd

    Jamie Broderick is an entrepreneur success coach who teaches business owners how to turn their big vision into reality and achieve big goals without overwhelm.

    Jamie has helped over a thousand businesses go to the next level by applying her signature system that empowers entrepreneurs to build their platforms as respected leaders in their industries. Her business mastermind Above the Crowd combines strategy coaching with intention setting and goal accountability. She meets her clients where they are, but doesn’t let them stay there. Many of her clients have gone on to become respected experts with global platforms.

    Jamie has been featured in Forbes and Inc and was interviewed on dozens of podcasts, virtual summits, regional TV and radio shows. The film documentary, Breaking Through, is about her commitment to help entrepreneurs become more confident in business.

    Jamie is available for comment on topics about entrepreneurship, goal setting and achievement, marketing and positioning, as well as business leadership.