I like to see the moon up in the sky
Don’t want it to be close by
I am kind of a person
Who likes things the way they are
Just want things to be done
Simply the way they are

Life around the world seems to have come to a stand still . Roads that were once buzzing with noise have become static . Although we fall short of considering , things that are still in motion , undeterred by the present pandemic . The sun and moon rise as usual and planets go retrograde as per destiny . Trees are full of new leaves and glaciers are covered with snow . Meals are being cooked and relished more .Offices and school curriculums are being run from home . So much so the doctors and nurses are working overtime ,  but not from home.

All of us are simply trying to be human . Try and see the bigger picture here , we are buying only essentials and eating less of junk . The air around us is clear and water in rivers is cleaner . This is something which as human race we were trying to achieve but were falling short of effort and implementation . Today nature has taken over the charge , to keep itself  healthy and nourished . God forbid , incase of unavailability of vaccine against covid 19 , human race is at risk contamination . At the moment it feels like survival of the fittest is the ultimate theory . Nature has taken the lead and gone into auto correct mode .

In times of crises we wait for super humans or Avatars to save us from perishing . On contrary we forget to identify our own potential of simply being human . A little effort goes a long way . Maintaining health n hygiene , less use of petroleum products , living within the means basically following the ever green rule of ‘simple living high thinking’ , might help us deal with the present situation . It can be beneficial for us in the long run as well . The time has come to learn from our mistakes . We need to stop taking things for granted . Nature has a way of teaching us a lesson . It is better late than never .