Has anybody noticed why and how these thought pattern works. Are we really practical in our daily life or are we getting emotional day by day ? Guys We are not ROBOTS, we are Humans . Emotions always playing with your mind , Even at your work, in relationship, family, friends,office colleagues, your boss etc.

The root of these emotions lie in your “Beautiful Heart” which creates thoughts when feeling something., Your brain picks up the thoughts that pop up from your emotions and executes them using your knowledge and intelligence

The resultant of brain activity totally depends on your thoughts . There are two sources of thoughts, one is your feelings or emotions and another one is your intelligence and knowledge, which makes you “Practical” . In reality being practical really means, “Use something that’s available to you rather than pondering on strange theories and ideas to Balance your life with your practical daily routines and your “Emotions” , which will always be playing around you.

One important thing to pick here is how we control our emotions in our daily life even at work or home . Emotions are always in a working mode even when you are 100% practical . The expressions of work will make you Happy/Sad/Fearful/Angry and as a resultant you may feel experiences like happiness, satisfaction, getting angry, calmness, joyful, playful, satisfaction, love etc. Now you have to decide what thoughts are you going to create,. by expressing and what do you want to experience.

Benefits of Expressing and Sharing Your Emotions , helps you understand better”

  • Key Differences in relationships > People come together and know each others by sharing emotions not knowledge. Understanding yourself and others is the focal point for any relationship. Give respect and expect the same in return.
  • Decrease counter-productive stress from corporate life > In corporate world we are heavily loaded by our responsibilities at work which is a source of a lot of pressure and stress. It directly impacts our daily life, as an effect our own personal life is no more with us. In our family life we really miss spending quality time with our beloved ones Sharing and expressing emotions will help you boost your energy and release stress from your.
  • Increase harmony in relationships> Relationships are based on four pillars, “Thoughts, — Emotions,- Respect and — Understanding” . They’re all inter related to each other. When you’re able to express and understand your’s and other person’s EMOTIONS you will become a better and a more understanding person within yourself,who respects his/her own feelings and has respect for others. When you understand better you create better thoughts . Without emotions you are just a ROBOT. So please start sharing and expressing your emotions and be respectful to yourselves and others. Give some quality time to your beloved ones too.
  • Increase your productivity and happiness> I assume, approximately 50% of working people are frustrated, depressed, No time for family, waiting for weekend OFF. Due to an overload of work and responsibilities we fail to understand our as well as others’ emotions. As a result we’re left with health issues, like heart diseases, neurological problems, psychological issues, stress and eventually depression. If you start sharing, expressing and understanding your others emotions, you will be free from stress out and feel no psychic pain.
  • Improve your decision making power> Expressing emotions will absolutely make you a great social person It gives you power to understand people and understand yourself. Once you start understanding yourself and others your decisions will always be in the right direction of humanity and prosperity.
  • Increase Diversity within Society> Do not get involved in negative thoughts of others and express your beautiful thoughts and feelings to nurture the society. Accept the changes and respect others.
  • What you give you will receive back for sure> Whatever you are giving to the society you will definitely receive the same. If you understand others’ emotions, respect their feelings. It’s rather easy to express your thoughts than accept others . Help yourself to balance our practical and emotional life within the society. We should not let overcome these corporate work pressures impact our health and pain creating depression within society .

“Let’s come and join all together to help each other. Understand each other, respect others. Give ourselves and others positive thoughts. So that people can easily express and understand one’s emotions and create the healthy humanity within society. “

Originally published at medium.com