If I was asked what makes us human? I’d say our ‘mistakes’. I’d say it’s all our faults and fallacies that make us who we are. If I was asked what makes us who we are? I’d say our adversities and our inability to accept all as it is. Being human gives us an ‘out’. When we make an error we often address it with the belief ‘we’re only human’. In truth we are who we are born to be. Is that a human being? I think not. We are all souls sent to this earth to experience what we are being taught. The lessons we are shown are often received with a scowl or a frown on our faces. I truly believe being human is only describing the shell we are born inside of. This shell has been loaned to us, our egg. Inside that shell is our true, pure soul. Many of us lose parts of and sometimes our entire soul whilst trying so hard to be who we’re told to be, human. 

Being human makes up for all the times we err and all the times we do the wrong thing, on purpose. Spiritual beings are sent to earth wearing the body as our shell. The way we live our lives has already been planned out by a higher being. Be that God, or whatever, or whoever we are brought up to believe in. 

Being human allows us to make choices, although our choices are already made, we still get to decide how, when and where these choices will take affect in our lives. Humans are destroying what God gave us. Our Mother Earth, our natural water supplies. Humans are trying to take over and the spiritual beings we all begin as are being thrown together to make tribes. We call these Soul tribes. 

If I was asked what does humans have that spiritual beings do not. I’d say pain, suffering, heart ache and all the emotions wound around all the lessons we’re being taught. 

In the end us humans are being sent back to where we came from, this is known as dying. The soul never dies, it evolves with every single thought intact and all lessons that it has learnt whilst being human. If we pass over with the lessons well learnt and in the eyes of God, no more lessons to be learnt, then we evolve and go on to higher teaching. 

If we do not learn from the time we spend on earth or we pass over without having understood what it is we were being taught, then we are sent back down to a do over. This can happen over and over again. Past lives will emerge with feelings of dejavu. Humans need to undertake the lessons, learn from them and receive safe passage to another realm. Once this is achieved, the body is buried or cremated and the soul is sent back home. 

In my own opinion. Humans have lost the understanding somewhere along the way. 

But hey! They’re only human. 

These are my thoughts on being human. Thank you for this opportunity to allow my voice to be heard. 

Rebecca Henley 

Aka AlairrialA

The soul leaving the body…


  • AlairrialA

    Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Guidance Advocate.

    Who I am... Hi my name is Rebecca Jane Henley. Also known as Bec. My pen name is that of the same name as my Guardian Angel Alair... with Alair in reverse... that then being AlairrialA... I was born 27/05/1968. In 2018... I am now 50 yrs young, a mother of 6, my daughter Crystal 33, my son Jamie 31, my daughter Samantha 27, my daughter Katie 25, my son Brett, who was born and passed at birth, has spent the last 22 years in heaven and my youngest son Dylan 21. I am also a step mum to 1 lovely young man, Anthony 11. I’m a mother in law to one young lady, Nanna of many Grandies, I’m sure they’re not finished yet, and Great Nanna, to 2 beautiful little children, and I'm sure there will be many more too. I live in Northam Perth, Western Australia. I was Born in Adelaide, South Australia.