So I’ve written about going to the hospital countless times since I started writing on here. Since the day I was born to now, I don’t think I can count track of the times that I went to the emergency room or the hospital on both of my hands. Yes, you can say that I have a lot of things wrong with me and my body, but that’s how it’s been since I was a baby

Then, I finally understood what it was like to not be the one in the hospital bed but to be the one in the guest chair.

Let’s start with the backstory before we get into the nitty-gritty. So a couple of days ago, my mom ended up falling into a hole and twisting her ankle. It was pretty swollen. Okay, it was bad. She was able to walk on it, but it still hurt her to walk. A couple of days later and with only a little bit of progression, she decided to go to the emergency room right after she got out of work. When she initially injured it, we were really close to going to the emergency room but didn’t. We probably should’ve gone at the time.

My brother told me she was going before I got into the shower and I began to worry. This is my mom! The woman that birthed me! Of course, I’m going to be worried even when she said not to be. Sorry, but I am.

Once I took my shower and got dressed, I drove to the emergency room to meet her there. I know she said to not worry and do not come, but I wanted to be there for her like she was there for me pretty much every time I ended up in the emergency room or in the hospital. So I got there, my hair still wet from my shower because I just brushed my hair and went straight to the ER (with clothes on of course), and found my mom and told her that I wanted to be there for her like she was there for me.

So once all that was said and done, my mom went back to get some x-rays (and this is the first time in… forever that someone had to get x-rays done (and it wasn’t me) and then my mom was brought back into a room where this time, she was on the hospital bed and I was in the more than uncomfortable guest chair.

Thinking back to all the hospital visits I’ve had in the past four months, this is something new because I don’t think I have ever sat in the guest chair while in a hospital. Again, this is the first time in…ever that I was not the one wearing a hospital band and sitting in that bed.

To finish the event, my mom ended up having a sprained ankle and she has a boot to help support her ankle and have it heal quicker.

And that was my experience.