Shop window with "open" sign and holiday lights inside.

I recently saw a video where the person in it was talking about how they like to think of themselves as a store. They imagine that all of their traits, experiences and good qualities are displayed on their shelves for everyone to see; things like where they’ve gone to school or grew up, their personality, hobbies, accomplishments and more. When they want to draw other people in, they imagine that they are flipping over a sign that says “Open.” When they are in a more reserved mood and want to keep to themselves, they imagine flipping the sign over to “Closed.”

I thought that this concept was so interesting because I have recently gone through some big life transitions and want to draw the right people into my life moving forward. As such, I decided to put this idea to the test to see how it went.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been walking around with my “Open” sign flipped over and have enjoyed how it has changed the way that I think about and embrace life. For starters, I’ve noticed that I’m engaging in conversations with others around me much more. I’ve gotten a lot friendlier which is important for me because I’ve worked at home for a long time and have found that my interpersonal skills have diminished some as a result. I’m thrilled that I’ve started drawing more people in.

I’ve also found that I get a kick out of anticipating how people will respond to me, wondering if they can “see” my Open sign. This tends to happen when I am out in public and don’t know those around me, like when I am going for a walk in the park or shopping somewhere.

Finally, I’ve realized that I am not flipping my sign to “Closed” that much which has put me in an overall better mood and allowed me to be more open to receive which is important because I’ve got a lot of goals!

Besides the exercise that I just mentioned, here are some other best practices that I’m implementing to improve my openness to receive:

  • Writing down my goals and dreams in terms of the things that I desire as if they have already come to pass.
  • Identifying and releasing any fears that I have related to those dreams.
  • Continuing to remind myself of my dreams and acknowledging that I deserve them.
  • Then, I imagine them actually playing out in my mind.
  • Lastly, I pay attention to my mood and mindset. When you open yourself up to others, more good people and opportunities will enter your life!

It’s up to you to determine whether your store is Open or Closed, but by engaging in the activities that I’ve introduced here, I’m certain that your life will change in a positive way. Be open to receive- you deserve it.