Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

“How can I be a better person?” This is a question I have been asking myself over and over lately. When it really comes down to it, I think for any of us to be “better people”, we need to believe in ourselves, love ourselves and take care of ourselves. If we neglect ourselves, how can we ever have the strength, energy and emotional well-being to care for others? 

With this in mind, I thought it was the perfect time to reflect on and share a poem I wrote — “Your Extraordinary Self” which was written to summarize the concepts in my book (of the same name). Hopefully this resonates with some and helps to inspire others….

How we choose to view the world will guide us through our life

Whether living days of glory or ones of passing strife,

The words we whisper in our head or choose to say aloud

Will lead us down a rainbow path or shadow us with clouds.

As we come upon the crossroads life no doubt will bring,

Choose the path that leads you to whatever makes your heart sing.

When it feels like your world is as fragile as cracked glass,

Step back, reflect, and breathe, for this too will surely pass.

We all get stuck at times, not knowing where next to go.

Embrace this opportunity to revisit those values and goals.

Appreciate every moment by being present and aware.

Make a difference in people’s lives by showing that you care.

Encourage and help others succeed in their ambitions too,

For abundance and prosperity is meant for more than simply you.

Surround yourself with lifters, and let toxic people go.

Face your fears and inhibitions head on, toe to toe.

Remember the illusion of perfection is simply but a myth.

Celebrate your awesomeness and all the glory it brings with.

Forgive yourself and others for transgressions present and past.

Release those feelings of frustration and be carefree at long last.

When things go wrong or get off track, as they sometimes tend to do,

Look unto others and turn the focus back to you,

For you and only you control the choices that you make.

Your attitude about these choices will surely determine your fate.

In the end it’s all about the one person you answer to,

And all the things that lead you to be your very best version of you.

So, as we head into this exciting new decade, don’t forget to BYBS (Be Your Best Self) and make 2020 the year of “You”!

Wishing each and every one of you all the best for a happy, healthy, prosperous and extraordinary New Year! ❤