Our thoughts don’t experience our life.

Experiencing occurs within a conscious space in all of us, an inexpressible field of consciousness existing throughout the Universe.

When we focus our attention inwardly, even for a few moments, we can consciously realize the presence of this cosmic spatial-intelligence and bring its clarity and wisdom into our life.

We can begin to soften the boundaries around our separate sense of self, dissolve our ego slightly and realize the intelligent awareness of the one conscious space in all of us everywhere.

And we can access a stream of intuitive insights that help us live in sync with the field-intelligence that orchestrates the Universe.

We can realize this conscious experiencing-space as a seamless field existing through the boundary of our human body and everywhere around us, inside everyone else.

There’s no difference between the conscious awareness inside each one of us and the conscious awareness inside other people and this realization profoundly alters our experience of living in the world.

The inner awareness-space we find inside ourselves is cosmic consciousness itself, the quiet presence of conscious awareness, prior to all thinking.

As we gently hold a focus of attention in the inner stillness of conscious awareness, we find the usual stream of thoughts about the past, the future, the world, what’s happening on our screens, or what other other people are doing, begins to dissolve away.

We’ve found the endlessly transient now moment, continuously coming into existence within us.

As we sense our own continuous becoming, and know ourselves as a flow-process transforming cosmic energy into all life everywhere, we get closer to understanding the actuality of our world.

The visible Universe is coming into being in a flow of continuous emergence, as cosmic intelligence vibrationally transforms itself into the clusters of energy fluctuations which appear to us as the flowers, trees and human beings of our world.

We’re the living expressions of a field-consciousness in the Universe that’s transforming itself into and experiencing all life everywhere.

We’re a cosmic intelligence mysteriously transforming itself into the precisely orchestrated biochemistry of our bodies, allowing us to live life as a human being.

In a streaming flow of emergence, from the non-visible to the visible, cosmic energy and intelligence are being transformed into the interwoven orchestration of living-cell biochemistry, becoming observable as our own human body.

Cosmic consciousness is becoming more awake to itself, experiencing life within trillions of living beings throughout the Universe.

Each one of us is an unlimited cosmic intelligence, transforming itself into the living form of a human being for the duration of a human life.

Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist

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