To find strength and be strong is the same. You first need to be strong to find your strength, and you need strength to be strong.

I have learned in life that even seemingly strong people need to find strength and those who don’t think they are strong have strength. We have it inside us, in fact, we have everything we need inside us we just have to have the courage to access it.

People always ask me how I stay so strong, they say they couldn’t have gone through half of what I’ve gone through, a third even. I suppose I have had to, I was meant to. My Mum always said what is meant for you will never go past you, and I know she did not in any way foresee the struggles I have had, but she was right. We get in life what is meant for us, in other words, what we attract the most. I have had a series of turbulence in my life that has meant I have had to be strong. I can find more strength each time because I’ve had more time flexing that muscle than most and I’m also a savage inside, I want to thrive and be who I’m truly meant to be so bad that I feed that savage every day, I let her free to gorge as much as she likes. She is wild and free, and she comes out whenever I need her.

I have gone through some of the most challenging, painful and abusive life experiences anyone can imagine, including childhood sexual abuse, almost dying, the loss of my hero (My Mum) being in prison and much much more. To the birth of who I am today and I have still gone all the way to reinventing my life and creating the life I truly want. The experience I have lived through is my strength, and my struggles are the fuel for my journey to genuinely belonging to myself, and I hope it inspires you to do the same.

I can honestly tell you, you have the strength you need, you are a strong person. I am writing this, so you don’t have to endure what I have, you have that savage inside of you too, and she will help you experience what you have to and what you are meant to if you just feed her and let her free.

This might sound strange, but I believe I was meant to go through that much, so I can do what I do now, and I feel I attracted it all for the very same reason.

I want to tell you something else I’ve learned, just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you don’t need support and it doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help, it actually makes you stronger, you have to have the strength to ask for help when you’re strong so go ahead and flex that bloody muscle. I’ve also learned that even when you don’t think you are strong, you will find strength in just asking for help, so go find your strength.

Bottom line is, we are all strong, we all have the strength, and we all have everything we need inside of us we just have to find it. We all have our savage inside of us if we need it enough. I know you have it inside, you know you have it inside you, now it’s time to set her free.

I don’t know you, yet, but I love you still. Be Free.