“ Heya!”, There’s a party tonight. Do join me, we’ll have a blast!” Umm, ‘I think, I won’t be able to make it, will meet you another time’.

Well, these lines sound familiar to you? It might be one of the excuses, you would give to your friends, who wants time with you. Literally, this is not, what you want right? It’s just that you’re busy with your hectic life, and at last losing out on your personal relationships and living a life which slowly becomes boring and causes lack of excitement in you. Similarly, it is normal for everyone and for us to get bored doing routinal activities and it, in a sense derails our morale to do brighter and aspiring things, which would force us to think out of the box.

Doing routinal work, whether at your house or at your workplace at the extreme cause dullness inside brains and we don’t become much excited to try something new. Our work and a working sense of time and age take away our energy to carry out daily tasks and responsibilities, and often it leads to the situation where like people could get everything now with the help of latest technology customized, so likewise we can’t customize our brains due to being stucked in your regular lives.

When life feels stuck, what a common line arises in our mind, that it’s okay we have to do it, in order to give our lives that meaning, that aim, since long it was desiring for, I am saying in respect of our working lives, during work, we have to stay for completing those routinal activities. One could rather take up work life or fulfil housework requirements like, a typical housewife still needs to maintain work at daily basis, in terms snatches away our will or enthusiasm for doing a particular work. Just remember your first time excitement or your eagerness or compassion to do that work you always wanted to do and now doing that work, feel like dull or even some of them would say, ‘My Life Sucks!’.

Though we are not completely wrong as we start thinking wisely, that where actually the problem lies. It literally lies in the way, when it limits our sense to creativity or the completion of the desired task is being done the similar way.

Yes, it’s true, being doing your work daily and in a similar way, do obstruct your creativity and lays impact on losing your interest in doing that particular work. Likewise, I also love to get myself involved in different types of works, as I like to try something new, and even it increases my eagerness to test myself on it to perform better. So I once took up the work of nursing, and my work involved to take care of an old bedridden patient, that was an old lady. At my initial interaction, I found it exciting, as since my childhood, I wanted to do social service, or I would say taking care of people likewise a doctor would do. But after 15-20 days, it seemed that the thing has changed, though I was performing good, from inside me that interest and that passion seemed to be lost, the lady whom I was taking care of, was not that able to speak, as such she was losing all of her energy. I just thought something should be done to recreate my interest again in work, so that it could benefit that lady also.

So I tried some things, for bringing myself mentally back to work and to enjoy doing it :

1. I used to read out aloud fiction novel in my time, to get my mind involved in reading and I used to put up questions related to it to the lady also, surprisingly she would react.

2. My proper rule, not to use social media, while at work because, it only does the work of distraction for me. The sites of the internet should be used only if it’s gaining you something good and worth spending time.

3. If you’re working, which takes a long time of sitting hours, just grab your coffee, instead of chit chat, you can read some inspirational quotes or could pen down ideas if you have some and want to generate your lost interest, so go on.

4. Take a walk in the garden, if you have it at work place, and make sure you spend that time only with you and not thinking about work.

5. For a change, play some mind games, to give your mind, a boost of solve analytical problems which would help you in the long run to combat different problems with varying perceptions.

6. Doing a small talk or spending time with your pet or close friends because they are the ones because around whom you’ll not consider your life completely hijacked with work or something.

So these are some of the ways which I use and advicing, putting up in front of you, so that our lives shouldn’t feel that captivated. I hope these things work out for you as well.


  • Shaima Khan

    Founder Of Artizone Information, who has interest in content creation and managing web analytics

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