Does you website rank well but fail to attract enough traffic to get you the sales you need?

Web Design coupled with an effective SEO strategy is super important In order to rank on Google your website in the top five search results on the Google.

Ranking on the search engine requires a lot of time, effort and money….. But that does not guarantee you a good amount of traffic.

If your website comes in the top 5 results on Google for a popular keyword or search term, that does not mean it will bring visitors to your site. The reason for this is that the intention of your audience is often to browse a search term, gather more information, read reviews, etc. rather than purchase that particular product or service.

For longer and more granular searches (for instance “used cars in Belfast for sale”), your potential buyer is searching for a product that meets his / her needs in the town / city he / she resides in. They haven’t found the service they need.

At times the availability of high ranking appropriate search terms may be so limited that the potential customer has to spend time come up with alternative phrases / search terms such as (second hand car dealership Belfast, used cars Belfast) before they find a suitable solution.

If you website uses keywords that have low volume searches, you have a better chance at closing deals if your website ranks well on Google search engine. If your website ranks in the top 5 results for the broader search query: “second hand cars Belfast”, you will be able to get a good amount of traffic to your website.

When it is a high volume, highly competitive search, it poses an entirely different challenge.

When the volume for a search term is high, this means that the potential customer has a lot of options. They are looking for the ten best car dealerships in Belfast in the results pages.

Here, your audience is interested in shopping and making a purchase if the price is right. In this case, simply ranking your website on search engine is not enough to get maximum traffic.

So how can you attract clicks from high volume search?

You can achieve this by keep the buying cycle in mind.

Know that not everyone who searches for your product or service is ready to buy. Many might want to be persuaded that you have the best product, that your brand is reliable or your offering a good value for money.

Your potential customer can be at any one of these three buying: awareness, research or purchase.

When you work on your marketing campaign, create content that work well for each of those stages. This way you will have a much better rapport with your target audience.

Always lay out the perks of your product or service clearly and pack as much persuasive detail in your website’s meta data as possible, using the right keywords for SEO.

Make sure you provide ample information about the search entry on your web page, so that when your audience click through your website, they instantly get what they’re looking for.

If you don’t provide this information, they will bounce right out and your page will not be able to maintain the top position.

Being detailed, specific and persuasive in your copy is key.

Every SEO Agency should know that providing useful information and guides to help potential customers make a decision will give you a major advantage over your competition.

This is especially relevant to potential customers in the awareness and earlier stages of research