When you believe in something, know why you believe in it. It is not enough to have just been told to believe something your entire life. You have a mind of your own. You are built to think critically, you are supposed to ask questions and further your knowledge. Be suspicious of anyone whom tells you questioning ANYTHING is wrong. Everyone has a motive and/or agenda. If you don’t ask questions you are playing into their ability to control you and others. 

There is a little story I heard on the radio years ago about a family of women who always cut the ends of the meat loaf off their loaf before baking it. The recipe was passed down from generation to generation. It wasn’t until the great-granddaughter of the women who wrote the recipe asked her mom, “why do we need to cut the ends of the meat loaf before backing it,” that the question was never asked before, maybe the ladies were mindlessly cooking and just read the recipe and went on with their lives. But, the young woman’s mother called the great-grandmother to ask her the question, and her reply was, “I didn’t have a big enough pan.” 

So you see, for many, many years, the ladies in the family followed the recipe to the letter because that is what they were taught to do. No one every asked any questions, until one young woman decided that was she was about to do didn’t make sense, and from then on (no more meat was wasted) the idea of how things were supposed to be, changed. 

Ah-Ha, right?!

Written by: Dayna Mohan