Today is Easter Sunday, when Christians all over the world celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. All accounts of the Gospel have one common agreement, that although the women were first at the tomb to discover that He had risen, and the first to be given the mandate to “go quickly and tell the other disciples…”, that their message was rejected, not received, thought to be “idle tales” or “fake news”.In the crowd was Mary Magdalene, who had several life challenges, but was the leader of the group. Challenges present opportunities for us to knock the “h-e-l-l” out of the word and cause a CHANGE.

Even then, women’s words were doubted. It took a group  of women, banning together, to carry a message, so that Good news could come to the world. How much longer will it be, and how many more women must come forth, before our words are believed? How many women have silently suffered the physical, sexual and emotional assault, because their words were rejected? 

As a trailblazing woman in the church, as a senior pastor and faith leader, I saw so many doors closed, or not even opened, for women, who only wanted to carry the Good news. Many of the men who caused their pain, are now gone, or out of influential positions, but on this Easter Sunday, I want to thank the women who prayed and persisted, even when others preyed and resisted. Thank you for your loyalty and your legacies. Your work has not been in vain. 

Even when the world feels more like Good Friday than Easter, remember that Jesus has risen, with resurrecting, renewing and healing power. And know, that THIS sister has “got your back”. 

Ambassador Sujay ( Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook) , the first African American woman senior pastor in the American Baptist Churches, USA, first female President of the 12,000 member historic Hampton University Ministers Conference, and first female Chaplain for the NYC Police Department, most recently served as a faith leader to President Clinton and the 3rd US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, the Obama Administration. She can be reached : @AmbassadorSujay, LinkedIn, Facebook or [email protected]