Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

People who have struggled with their weight for a long time eventually lose the belief that they actually can lose weight.

Then for many, it affects their self-esteem in general. They’ve been so focussed on the scales and have literally allowed that contraption to control how they feel and believe about themselves as a person.

And that’s when things go very wrong, because even though you’re acting as if you want to lose weight, your heart isn’t in it because you don’t believe you can do it.

Then you give up.

To achieve lasting weight loss you have to take back control and believe in yourself!

This involves a daily habit-changing process because when you change your daily behaviour this begins to filter through and has a big influence in the way you think about yourself and your beliefs about what you can achieve.

If you’re making a habit of noticing daily improvements to your behaviour and to the way you feel, magical things happen because seeing is believing!

And trust me, the change can be truly dramatic.

For starters, it has an amazing effect on consistency because you’re focusing on the daily wins rather than the results (ie. the number on the scales).

This process of daily actions and wins builds your belief and belief helps to build resilience. It’s resilience and consistency that gets you to your goal!

The psychology of self-belief is an important factor in succeeding in any kind of self-improvement project.

One top tip for developing your self-belief is to get into the habit of recording your daily ‘wins’ – things you’ve achieved or things that you’re grateful for – either in a journal or in a very short video on your phone that you can then review, say, once a week.

This works well because it helps you to focus on the daily process, which in turn helps your self-belief. It can really help you believe in yourself and your goal.

Getting into the habit of recording your daily wins allows you to reflect on the positive things in the day and in turn can give you a huge sense of achievement. Speaking the positives out loud has a dramatic effect because it makes them seem more real.

But one of the best things is that it helps with motivation. As you know, it’s the repetition of small daily actions which creates the results and when you get in the habit of focusing on the daily process, it becomes very motivational.

You get the opportunity to give yourself a big high five and it’s a huge vote for the person you want to become.