Every day you are just ticking of items off your to-do list, change nappies, make phone calls, clean the house, make dinner. Among the organised chaos of your life, you forget to think about your sensuality and your female essence. Deep down, you know you are not honouring your true self.

And that is what is making you feel so burdened, heavy, cloudy, sleep deprived, frustrated, and angry without being able to express your feelings about your otherwise perfect life.

That unsatisfied, grumpy person, is not, my dear fellow woman, who you truly are.

Who you are, is a goddess that deserves to be loved and adored and celebrated. You are a creative, loving and caring human being. After all, you were created in God’s image, remember?

You are a queen, not a servant. And the only way the world can perceive you as one, is when you start showing up as a queen.

This is how you can feel a little closer to who you are, today:

-Close the door or take a walk. Choose a favourite spot, or two. You deserve a private space.

– Listen to the music that you love (not the music your children or husband like!)

– Pick an item from your closet that you keep pushing at the back, because the right occasion never arises, and wear it tonight. How do you see yourself in it? Frivolous? Empowered? Nostalgic?

– Poor yourself a beautiful glass of champagne

– Put on lipstick (even if you’re not even going outside).

– Go to the movies alone!!!

– Have a plant and cherish it. It is your plant, your rose bush, something that smells good.

Back to you, have you ever felt you’re so busy you don’t even remember taking care of your female essence?