It is the reason we embark on any task, job or mission. We take on a home improvement project, because we hope it will make our home more welcoming. We decide to volunteer each week because we hope we can make a difference. We go into our prospective careers because we hope we can make a change in someones’ life for the better. Hope is the driving force.

Having hope is not always easy. In fact sometimes it is the absolute hardest option to be faced with. When your world crumbles around you due to health concerns, career snafus, the tragic death of a loved one, having hope may seem downright impossible.

However-Having hope means you choose to believe. It means even if times are bad, you are hopeful for them to get better. AND If times are good, you are hopeful that they will remain, for you are aware that nothing in this life is ever promised. Belief. If you believe in God means having faith in that which is unseen.

Believe, have hope, even when you can’t see it, or feel it or even think it. Choose to have it anyway. When you make that choice you free yourself from the confines of desperation, of grief and pain, you have chosen to hope for something better and believe that it will be.

Hope is a buoy keeping us afloat, even when we feel as if we are drowning. Even in our darkest moments, even when it seems impossible, even when all seems lost. Hope saves us. We can each decide, for ourselves, that the things that happen to us, do not have to define us, and instead move forward with purpose and with passion. Choose hope, and you free yourself.

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Originally published at on November 21, 2016.

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