Joy to the world, deck the halls, light the candles, say every kind of prayer, attend churches, synagogues, and any and all of our sacred places of worship, on top of that happy new year. Big wishes, big resolutions, big promises, hope for a miracle, and know that believing is almost everything. At midnight from Time Square the ball drops, confetti flies and BOOM 2018, the New Year, is born.

According to Suzie Kim from Crime Prevention at The Santa Monica Police Department, “There is absolutely an increase in unsupervised time for adolescents during the holidays.”

During this time of year when there are celebrations, festivities, parties, gatherings, hoopla’s, and special occasions kids from all ages in their vulnerability, lackadaisicalness, innocence and feelings can get lost. They get sided-tracked, they can make a wrong turn and they can easily get hurt. A lot of times it’s because they drink. A lot of times it’s because parents don’t know,
because they forget, because they are celebrating, because maybe they don’t
want to know, and because maybe it’s not always fun to know.

Truth be told while conflict or drama seems least optimal at the holidays it is in fact the time that can save kids’ lives.

Conflict is connecting and connecting isn’t always sweet but it’s what ultimately counts.

The great game changer and the thing that I believe the most, the part that we all see at Angels at Risk, is that when parents are watching out for their kids, they are in fact watching out for themselves. It is the true story and the greatest reward and genius, it is the miracle. Kids are the messengers and they are the keepers of our dreams. Nobody tells parents that when the spotlight is on protecting their kids, it in turn reminds them not just of their responsibilities, but also to keep a spotlight on themselves. The spotlight becomes the spotlight of the heart; it is one of the classic truths.

“When I think of where it all began, I think of being born into a really big family in a very small town. The happiest times for me were always Christmas, Easter, birthdays and our family trips that we took traveling on the road, because we were all together. From the twinkling Christmas lights and the Santa filled stockings, to the ribbon framed Easter baskets with jellybeans included, what I wanted more than anything else was love, communication and a connection to my parents. The problem was I don’t think that was something that they ever knew,” HP 2013, Susie Spain. I don’t think it is something that most parents know.

By Susie Spain, Founder