1. Tell us your story? You have overcome some serious obstacles?

I went from being a big-time drug dealer to using my own product. With in 4 months I lost everything. I lost my children. I went to rehab, got clean, found a job got married and had more children. After losing my job and facing financial challenges I returned to selling and using drugs. My house was raided my husband went to jail I was placed on probation. I went to live with my friend and realize I needed a change. I prayed to the Lord that if he took the taste of drugs out of my mouth, I would spend the rest of my days helping women recover from drugs and domestic violence. 

The next day became the first day of my life I went into a Christian drug program for women with children. A few months later I left the program a changed woman. In 1993, opened my first sober-living home for women with children. In the following years, I started three outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program in Southern California. Today I have over 23 years clean and sober and have continued to keep my promise of helping women with children.

2. When did you realize you wanted to work on TV?

I realized I wanted my own talk show in 2012.

3. What made you realize you had to change your life? What was your breaking point?

My first turning point was when my children were taken from me.

4. Tell us about the work you do for women?

Sober living home provide long term clean and sober living for women with children. This achieved by reunifying women with children and providing them with the skills needed to properly care of their children

5. I see you have your hands in several projects? Please share what they are?

Some my projects include:

Changing Steps- Drug Treatment Center

Barber shop in Atlanta

My own Production Company

Talk Show Host

Sober Living Home for Women with Children

6. You have experienced tragedy in your life. What is your advice to someone going thru the same.

My advice is to pray have faith and stay busy and try not to think about the tragedy.

7. Tell us about your talk show on PUNCH TV NETWORK?

My talk show is to let people have a voice on different things in the community.

8. What is your message to the world?

My message is to let everyone have the freedom of voice and not to see race as a factor.