Change; a word used to describe something that either is still in its current state, destined to become something else or something that once was, now identifying as something else.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Change can be magical, a rush of excitement, a positive balance of old and new, change can be embraced, loved and supported. Change can create a new life, new dreams, and new goals.

However, change can also have a dark, deluded and somewhat horrifying side, a side that most would avoid, changing the good to the bad, peace to war even love to hate.

Positive change should always be embraced, it’s what helps create the most desired emotion; happiness. I have spent my whole life up until this point changing both positive situations as a young child into negative situations as a young adult, making mistakes, creating unwanted sorrow and like many others making the wrong decisions.

But I, and only I created those changes, I was willing, I was free.

Today, through mindfulness, calm and inner peace I have, like many switched those wrong decisions and started publishing a new life, a life I now embrace and love, I have become myself, sketched an image of the real me into the world, drafted with no influence or desire to become someone else.

This is my idea of freedom, this is what over time has created my happiness. I haven’t forgotten the past, nor will I ever, but I remember the past and that past is the fuel I need to stay content within myself, today.

I still change, I still improve and in this universe, I am truly only at the beginning of an exciting yet difficult journey to come, I’m here and I am ready. Hoping my influence will make a difference, hoping I can share hope, love and my passions with the world.

I belong to nobody, I only belong to myself. I make my own decisions alongside the ones I love, work a career I choose to work, wear the clothes I choose to wear, listen to the music I choose to listen to, love the person I love and help create the family I cherish.

I’m in control of my own fate.

Society often tries to throw us off the path with propaganda, fashion, music, radio, television and now social media. Unfortunately, you can’t be given happiness, motivation or dreams you have to create those things yourself, you have to be in control and make your own choices. Right or wrong they will still be your decisions.

Change for nobody, you will not find happiness becoming a pretend version of someone else, but embrace the opinions of others, that’s important because even I can be blind to my mistakes.

I was born who I am today and I created the man that wears my clothes, speaks my conversations and I make, create and control my own destiny. I embrace influence, some influence is kind, caring and loving. Through my own mind, I may conclude that the influence of someone else’s opinion will help create a better person of myself, especially the influence that comes from my family, friends, and loved ones.

The freedom that lies in self-control is the freedom that created my internal happiness, the happiness that makes every day of my life positive. Not every day is easy and they do not always come together as planned but they are my days and tomorrow always seems brighter than today and in every day of darkness, I choose to see the light.

Belong to yourself.