In this time of transition and insecurity, things seem to be going in a different direction than you would have imagined.  I know the current situations we find ourselves in different vastly.  Some are working from home, others are looking for work, some are being blessed in this time, and others are lacking severely.   No matter what your current situation is there is always room for improvement and balance.

I know that when you hear that you should achieve balance you will tend to think of it in terms of a concept that should occur daily and look the same.  But, creating balance is a daily challenge.  So, depending on what is going on in your day will give you insight into how to create the balance you need to make it successful.

Maybe you’ve heard that being balanced is very helpful, or perhaps you would like to be more balance in your work, family, or home but can’t see how it would help. What’s the big deal? Are there any real benefits to being balance other than bragging rights?

Actually, there are! Here are some of the benefits of creating a work/life balance.

Found It

For one thing, being organized helps you find things. This can be a huge time-saver! Knowing where things are saves time and frustration. Lost items can have a ripple effect, too. If you’re so distracted over the lost item, you may end up forgetting even more.  Having a well-organized office will save you time when it’s time to work on projects and other daily tasks.  Even a step further having well-organized file storage on your computer can help you easily find documents or other items you are working on without the distraction of not being able to locate such items and having to recreate them.

Stress Reduction

When creating balance remember being surrounded by unorganized clutter can, according to some experts, influence the brain that is not unlike that incurred from trauma. Your brain finds clutter stressful, in other words, and responds with such negative feelings as anger, depression, and frustration.  The other day I just could not concentrate and then I looked around and my room was a mess.  I cleaned the room and my thoughts begin to flow!

Flexible Home/Work Environment

Creating an environment where you address your priorities of work when you are working and address your priorities of home when you are home.  A lot of times you will try to mix the two.  Taking text and business calls during family time for example.  Giving the excuse that this call is important, but your family is just as important.  It’s imperative to have boundaries in place to not allow your family to take a back seat to your business affairs.  I know this can be difficult especially if you are a solopreneur as a lot of the tasks and decision-making fall on you but do your best to set time aside to deal with business affairs and time to deal with family. 

Healthier and Happier Family

When you are able to prioritize your business and your home life it will affect every other area as a consequence.  Meaning the people who respect and love you the most will look up to what you are doing and how you handle them in each area.

Another way that organizing your home contributes to health is with regards to meals. If you are organizing and planning your family’s meals, they are likely to be a lot healthier than if you are grabbing something last-minute from the drive-through or freezer. So again, finding that balance will create many different positive attributes in your life.

Free Up Some Time

Who doesn’t want to do that? It seems there’s never enough time! In a balanced work/home life, you will feel more energetic and less bogged down with all the clutter, and that leaves time for enjoyable activities. Sometimes, you feel like you really should be tackling the clutter and mess, and therefore you don’t do as many pleasurable things…but you don’t get around to organizing, either! Just going ahead and getting it done helps break that cycle. 

Remember that having a well-organized/balance life is a continuing effort.  No, you do not arrive at a point where everything goes as plan, but you do have steps in place to avoid complete chaos.  I would also encourage you to block your activities.  If you want to spend an hour and an half helping your children with their homework, then schedule it in and devote that time to spend with them with no distractions.  Success looks different for everyone and creating the balance and life you want is your masterpiece.