You may have meditated or heard about meditation, but what you might not know is that meditation is one of the most effective methods of treating pain. Pain comes with stress, depression, anxiety among other symptoms. Fortunately, meditation can treat the pain and the associated symptom.

When you hear the word meditation, a picture of a peaceful and calm environment comes into your mind: People seem peaceful, calm and focused when meditating. You get to see a solitary figure! The simple act of clearing your mind is the way to healthy well-being.

Meditation is quite simple, you just have to breathe slowly and focus on each inhalation! This is what we term as mindfulness inhalation. Not only does mindfulness inhalation helps to improve your overall health, but it also helps to ease some medical condition like chronic pain. Having said that, let us discuss some of the keys befits for meditation for the pain that may change your perspective; 

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Rewires the brain pain circulatory

Every time you are anticipating pain, the brain neuronal pathways are programmed, and within no time the anticipation of pain will trigger more pain. Eventually, the thought of pain will be the main cause of your pain. When you are a pain you don’t need more pain, but that is what the simple thought of pain does to you.

What meditation does is to rewire your brain for peace and happiness. Mediation helps to prevent and reduce anxiety and stress, which can trigger more pain. When you focus on your brain, you don’t have time to worry about the pain. Not only does meditation improve the sense of your well-being, but also increases psychological functioning.

Researchers studies how ACC (anterior cingulate cortex) reacts to meditation. ACC is the part of the brain network, which helps to regulate thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. According to research studies when meditating, the ACC improved.

Meditation helps to emotionally detach pain

When you are in pain you keeping anticipating of more pain and how it will hurt. Such anticipation leads to stress. Nothing causes more pain to a person in pain like stress. What you need when you’re in pain is not stress, but relaxation. You need to relax and stop focusing on the pain. Mediation helps to emotionally detach from pain. When you are in meditation, your minds focus on the meditating process and for a moment you won’t be having negative thoughts. You will no longer be anticipating of more pain or resist the fact that you are in pain.

When you are meditating, you let go of your emotional reaction to pain. You become a passive observer of your mind, where pain suffering is no longer your focus. Here you will focus on your sensations without labelling them as good or bad. In other words, meditation helps you to realize how much pain you are truly experiencing.

Helps to balance hormonal environment

When you are in pain hormonal imbalance is quite common. The imbalanced hormonal system will affect your emotional health, physical health, and overall well-being. Meditating is a perfect tool to help balance the hormones. Once you meditate, you will feel relaxed as the meditation lowers your stress hormones and balances other important hormones.

Meditation helps to balance both your nervous and endocrine system. When we are in pain the body can respond by over releasing harmful stress harmful, which will make the pain worse. As you meditate, the hormonal environment will balance, thus reducing pain.

Releases natural hormones that work like painkillers

You don’t have to take painkillers pills anymore as meditation release powerful chemicals that work like painkillers. While meditating your body release endorphins, which is a natural painkiller. Such as opioid pain medications such as morphine or oxycodone, Endorphins helps to block pain perception by binding to the opioid receptors found on your brain. In other words, it prevents your brain from realizing you are in pain. Meditating regularly means increased production of endorphins, which will not only help ease the chronic pain but also create a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. 

Final Verdict

Researchers, chiropractors and people who meditate have argued that meditation reduces pain, stress, and anxiety, and improves the well-being. Some doctors recommend meditation as a pain treatment method. We might not fully understand how meditation helps to ease the pain, but there is no doubt meditation is a great painkiller. Nothing can be intolerable like having to live with pain. With the benefits of meditation for pain discussed above, one can agree that meditating is a great way to ease the pain.