The coronavirus is helping us come to terms with our smallness and weakness as human beings in the face of nature.

Whether it’s a virus, a natural disaster, or countless other blows, we get regular examples of how nature pays no attention to our differences the way that we do.

The Main Benefit of the Coronavirus: Global Awakening to Humanity’s Interdependence

We are gradually being led to the conclusion that we are a single humanity, like one big family living on the same planet. Ultimately, all borders and walls we build to fence ourselves off from each other will fall short in the presence of the tightening form of globalization that nature is urging us to realize.

Nature sends us blows to show us how interdependent and interconnected it is, and how we are inescapable parts of its integrality.

The coronavirus can thus be viewed as yet another lesson that nature is trying to teach us: no matter how much we see differences among each other, there is an enveloping nature paying no attention to our labels.

“We have already come to such a degree that the whole world is considered one collective and one society.” Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), “Peace in the World.”

The coronavirus’ benefit is to humanity as a whole gaining awareness of its oneness. It serves to destabilize our egoistic infrastructure, so that we see the need to work out how to operate within our increasingly interdependent global conditions. Once again, nature shows how it penetrates through all kinds of partitions we set for ourselves around the world.

Where Do the Partitions We Set Between Each Other Come From?

They extend from the human ego that wishes to benefit itself at the expense of others.

The human ego shatters the perception of the whole reality into small pieces. The coronavirus corners our egoistic selves, showing how they function oppositely to the altruistically-fueled supreme force of nature, while nature itself gradually urges us to reach awareness of our interdependence and interconnectedness among each other and with nature in its wholeness.

Toward the realization of our total interconnectedness and interdependence with nature, we will have to become aware of our egoistic nature as a negative disturbance. We will have to see how the ego cuts us off from each other and from nature as a whole, and by doing so, the ego prepares us for myriad future blows, whether a new virus outbreak, or other problems on personal, social and global scales.

Becoming aware of the detriment of the human ego is one major stage in our future development.

Either through suffering or through connection-enriching education and influence, we need to reveal the wickedness of the human ego.

The revelation can be a pleasant one if we aim to attract nature’s positive force, which connects perfectly between all elements of nature, on the still, vegetative, animate and speaking levels, and then between the revelation of the positive and negative forces, humanity will be able to work in the middle, clearly observing what it is going through, and acting with clarity in response to nature’s influences.

How Can We Awaken the Positive Force of Connection into Our Lives?

Very simply, our connection evokes nature’s positive connecting force. Then, by attracting the positive force in nature, we reveal the negative egoistic force opposite it, and the awakening of both forces gives rise to a higher and more supreme force, a new level of connection where perfection and balance is sensed.

It is as it is written in the song, “Ose shalom be MeromavHu yaase shalom aleinu” (“make peace in His heaven, He will bring peace upon us”): Peace is integrity in our relations, between inverse forces of nature.

We are facing a period of having to learn how to connect with each other, holding positive and negative forces of nature in our reins.

When we start working with these forces, we will see how every finest detail in reality, as well as the world’s major events, all link into a single picture.

The wisdom of Kabbalah guides our discovery of these forces. It provides us with a method to experience harmonious connection, attracting nature’s positive force, revealing the negative egoistic force opposite it, and learning the ways to walk the balancing rope between them.