Benjamin Gordon

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged humans in more ways than one as we struggle to stay healthy amid the unprecedented crisis. People respond to the challenge by taking various protective and preventive measures and keep on increasing it as the pandemic spreads like wildfire. It is likely to affect our wellbeing as we adjust to the emerging lifestyle that can be stressful and affect our physical and mental health.  To support healthy living, we must practice wellness through new routines like social distancing while learning to work and socialize by taking care of ourselves, observes Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach.  

Many of us are feeling anxious and stressed due to the changes and shifts to our daily life and the looming uncertainty about the future.

Here are some tips that can help to take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Create a schedule and routine – A piece of advice from Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach

The disruption of daily living caused by the coronavirus has created a new lifestyle that does away with the usual commitments and activities that we have been used to. The suddenly found freedom might be tempting to relax within the space of the new schedule. But this can be dangerous as it can lead to a lack of motivation and purpose, which can make you drift throughout the day aimlessly and make you feel depressed. Try to adjust to the new routine and build a structure to stay engaged, motivated, and in control of whatever you are doing. The sense of achieving something by the end of the day will boost your mental wellness and keep you healthy.

Reduce stress

Anxiety and stress build-up are quite normal in the difficult times that we are passing through. Finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety is critical for your overall health and wellbeing. Create a routine that allows you to take periodical breaks from engagements like your work and consuming information from social media and news channels.   Use the times of recess to walk about a little and look around at things that you find interesting.  When done with your day’s work, engage in activities that help to unwind and de-stress. Take to gardening or listen to music, which can be a refreshing experience or take up some hobby that you are passionate about.

Exercise and get good sleep

Try out exercises that you can do at home without many resources and aids and do it regularly.  Be innovative and take a new approach to select an activity that takes less time and easy to do. From yoga to a wide range of free-hand exercises, you can do a lot to burn calories and stay fit. Stay committed and accountable to the new routine without ever being complacent, that helps to maintain continuity.

Avoid falling prey to unhealthy eating habits and take to a balanced and healthy diet that keeps you hydrated while providing nutrition that gives you the energy and stamina to deal with the changes and shifts. As you eat well, so also sleep well to recharge your batteries.