Our world is moving through a challenging time! The COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc in the world’s economy and the lives of people. From job losses to people’s health, everything has been adversely affected. The stay at home orders and social distancing norms have brought multiple changes in our lives. We have to be careful about sticking to our home premises, which was new for almost everyone. For some, this has led to physical and mental health issues. Hence, it is crucial to focus on health and say yes to wellness guidelines.

Wellness guidelines from Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

From physical lethargy to mental fatigue, everyone has witnessed varied after-effects of the subsequent lockdown. The human body functions actively in an external environment, and it goes haywire with prolonged hours of staying indoors. Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach highlights some of the best wellness guidelines that everyone can follow. 

  1. Listen to music to soothe tension

The majority of people are currently stressed! It is because no one is certain about the future. While feelings about uncertainty can’t get ruled out, it can get tamed. This is where music plays an important part. You can listen to instrumental music to relax and unwind and let go of your stress. Instrumental and classical music helps the brain release tensed thoughts and shift to a calm zone, which also benefits the body.  

  • Read a book to fall asleep faster

Excess stress and anxiety can lead to sleeplessness at night. And when you don’t get a sound sleep at night, the human body doesn’t function correctly. There can be aches, pains, brain fog, and issues related to the stomach and gut. Low concentration is also another after-effect of not sleeping well. Hence, you can read books before sleeping to calm the mind and let go of excess stress. When you read a light-hearted book, it helps you to focus on simple thoughts. It doesn’t make the brain do extra work. Reading makes the mind enter a pre-meditative state, and it becomes easy to fall asleep gradually.

  • Meditate to soothe nervousness

Currently, we are all surrounded by palpable and nervous energy. The reason for this is that no one knows when the pandemic will end and how the vaccine is shaping up. We are worried about ourselves and our loved ones. It is necessary to soothe our intense feelings and nerves through meditation. Regular meditation and breathwork can help bring down the stress hormones and maintain balance in the mind and body. It also helps curb the bodily discomforts caused due to stress, such as increased pulse rate and internal inflammations.

  • Speak with loved ones to feel connected

The social distancing has also resulted in isolation that can make a person feel sad and lonely. You must speak with your loved ones to feel a sense of bonding and connection. It will help you heal from within and feel a sense of certainty in such testing times.

These are some of the best wellness guidelines you can follow to stay mentally and physically fit during the pandemic phase.