Top kids apps — Place your child in the same room as an iPhone or an iPad and they are definite to reach for it. It is possibly because of the attractive and bright colors. It is also because of the feel they get when using the touchscreen along with the ease of usage of the iOS interface. Kids love to mess up with smartphones and tablets.

Here are a 04 top kids apps for the below 5 years of age kids.

1- Blackboard Madness

Is your child a Maths-whizz and love to take up challenges? Then Blackboard Madness is the perfect app for your child. It is a set of quick-fire maths challenges which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is fast paced and is a great test of logical thinking and reaction along with mental maths skills.

2- Bloom

This app has tools for making music which are more about experimenting with sound. You can tap on the screen to play a note that eventually loops. You keep on tapping it and a composition appear. This is a relaxing app and even to a two year old kid can grasp the basics of how it works.

3- Dinosaur Park Math

Dinosaur Park Math is fun app for children. It helps the toddlers to learn addition and subtraction from 0–20. Kids have to answer the sums appropriately for chiseling away the rocks which hide dinosaur fossils within them. It helps the kids to learn about dinosaur facts when they learn mathematics.

4- Elephant Art! Painting Room

It is not a usual art app but when you push a button, an elephant’s huge foot crushes a banana that splatters it across a canvas on the wall. There are other buttons which provide further destruction capabilities where the objects get magically transformed into paint creating a form of an abstract masterpiece

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