What a few short months can do to change a world. It wasn’t a terrorist attack, not a war between countries nor even class but a killer virus that managed to disrupt planet earth and all those inhabit it. Of course people have various views on how it should be handled with some prepared to submit to lockdown whilst others fight to have normality resumed. 

Circumstances will of course determine how individuals feel about this moment, some will be suffering more than usual through poverty or mental health while others have the resources to survive quite comfortably. Nobody can force a person to submit to their views and it’s unlikely that any one person is right but what we are seeing as with much of life in the past century is a split in society. 

Opinion is often divided however a perspective outlook on the grander scheme of things is usually one we can agree on. Think about this, in say one hundred years time what will the world be like? It’s impossible to know, but for sure this moment will like all others be a distant past and one for the historians. Covid-19 will be long gone along with all current functioning governments. Every single celebrity we endorse will no longer be of this world, every television series we rave about will be long gone, people on the planet will have no idea who the Tiger King was.

Ultimately humans much like small children will continue to make mistakes and have mishaps, all we can hope much like our children is that with every mistake made we learn something from that moment. Hopefully we can evolve as a race, spiritually and with a lot less anger and hate than the current inhabitants of planet earth have. It seems that for years and years we continue to battle one another and allow anger and bile to determine our lives but I’m hopeful that the sands are shifting now to a point that we will be ready for a new direction. 

Looking at the skies they are healing and nature is blooming since we’ve had this lockdown, can humans do the same? Can we take this as the most valuable lesson to be subjected too and move in a more positive direction? I’m not sure it’s even a choice any longer but more of an instruction. What’s the meaning of life I can’t say, but I’m absolutely certain it’s not to hate and destroy ourselves and the planet. Throughout history we’ve seen change, at points we’ve been savages, people will say we’ve changed but our savagery has merely changed from blood to the almighty buck and the world is still suffering.

Everything we have in life has a start date and an end date but for one thing, our planet and with a lot of change and evolution maybe our children and our children’s children will benefit from our actions more than any other generation that’s ever lived. At the moment it really does feel like earth has a ‘best before date’ on it and it’s ticking down, let’s come together and even if we get everything else wrong in our lives let’s not get this one wrong, let this be that one time we got it right.