As the year starts to wind down, we want to encourage you all to do the same. By taking the time to wrap up your projects, slow down, and look back on your accomplishments, you’ll be in a better place come the new year to make more meaningful progress on what matters most. These crucial aspects of our projects (whether business or personal) — celebrating, assessing, and reflecting — are often the most overlooked. So while you’re spending a little extra time at home during the holidays, catch up on some of our favorite blog posts to prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead next year.

Take a Breath: That’s right… first things first: let’s take a big inhale, and a big exhale. We’ve all gone through a lot this year, so we can all always use an extra reminder to take a breath and let something go. Angela took to the blog this summer to talk about why the simple concept of “taking a breath” can help guide you to pause before acting, and to check in with how you want to contribute and show up for others (including yourself).

Celebrate Each Rung on the Jacob’s Ladder You’re Climbing: Next up, you have to celebrate! You’ve done so much this year; from the weekly wins and unexpected ah-has to the days you had to dig deep, to the late nights that got you there. Celebrating each rung we reach makes climbing to the next one easier — and if not easier, at least more joyful. So give yourself a pat on the back or open that bottle of champagne you were saving for the ball drop; you deserve it.

5 Key Ways to Identify Your New Strengths in 2020What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, it is said, and 2020 was kinda the poster child for that statement. Jenn Labin joined us on the blog to talk about how shifting your perspective can shed light on all the beautiful ways you have grown this past year.

4 Steps to Take Better Breaks That Will Make You More Productive: If you want to get more of your best work done, one of the first things you have to do is learn how to break better. Sound counterintuitive? Jeffrey Davis shows us how these four simple steps to taking better breaks can boost your creativity and productivity.

3 Questions to Help You Prepare for a Productive Year: After you’ve taken your time to pause and breathe, celebrate, and reflect, check out this post with three simple questions that can help you prepare for your most productive year ahead. By getting cozy with a pen and your dreams, you can create reasonable goals to be your guiding lights for 2021.

We hope you all have a peaceful and pleasant rest of your holiday season and are able to reconnect to your best work coming in the new year!

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