Every summer plenty of college students are actively planning their annual summer getaway. Perhaps you are as well. So, what are the hottest destinations for 2018? Check out the list below for both domestic and international destinations for an amazing summer break.


Cancun has a reputation for being a party destination where students can spend their time drinking and revelling. There’s no doubt, plenty of that happens their, and Cancun is certainly a great place to turn up. Visitors can find plenty of clubs pumping dance music and selling tropical drinks at rock bottom prices. Still, there’s more to it than that.

Students who crave a more adventurous vacation have some great options here as well. Scuba diving and snorkeling in the Mesoamerican reef is an absolutely amazing experience. There are also Mayan ruins as well as Chichen Itza just a day trip away.


There’s no wonder that Miami has been a top summer break destination for so long. Exclusive nightclubs and pristine beaches are obviously appealing. Miami is a celebrity destination, and a hot spot for the rich and privileged. There are exclusive restaurants to eat in, and clubs where only the most attractive get in the door.

But, there’s more to Miami than the most upscale. It’s a decidedly the hot spot for so many college students from so many backgrounds and places. There are plenty of budget offerings here. For example, students can bypass the costs of an expensive hotel room by staying at the Freehand hostel. Also, because the beaches are alcohol friendly, it’s cheap and easy to drag a cooler to the beach rather than paying for expensive bar drinks.

Daytona Beach

There’s a reason Daytona Beach lands on nearly every ‘best of’ list when it comes to summer break. First, its close proximity to the Disney resort area means a day trip to visit one of the dozens of amusement parks nearby is totally doable. Of course, spending the entire trip in DB is also a great option. Experienced summer breakers know this destination is all about the beach. Parasailing, jet skis, beach volleyball, and bike rentals are just a few beach offerings.

The powers that be in the area are also committed to the safety of visiting college students as well as members of the community. To ensure that everyone is able to party without endangering themselves or others, the Daytona party bus provides a free shuttle service stopping at all beach hotels, nightclubs, and bars.

South Padre Island

If you’re worried about the impact of hurricane Harvey on South Padre Island, you can relax. Keep planning your vacation to this famous summer break destination. It suffered minimal damage. In fact, according to reports, plenty of rare and colorful seashells washed ashore.

If you’re looking for a laid back summer break with plenty to do outdoors, this is definitely a spot that should make your short list. Here are just a few things to enjoy:

Nosh on great Tex-Mex food like Barry’s Tacos And Margaritas

Take a Chartered fishing trip

Relax on the beach

Go snorkeling

Check out some amazing sea turtles

Chill out at any one of the beachside bars

Bring some friends. This is a budget friendly summer break destination with plenty of things to do.

Nassau Bahamas

Don’t wait until you’re old to check a trip to the Bahamas off your list. College life needn’t be all about studying and figuring out who will write your essay; you can overcome your writing stress with Trust My Paper service. Instead, plan a trip to Nassau this year. Do a bit of research, and you can very likely find decent deals on accommodations and airfare as well. There are also many all inclusive options. This means once you land, everything but tips and incidentals are covered.

Once you arrive, be sure to spend a day at Aquaventure waterpark at Atlantis. Even if you don’t stay on the Atlantis property, it’s super fun. You’ll also enjoy taking a look at this cushy resort up close. Then, spend a day or two on the beach. Cabbage beach is a great destination spot. As far as food and drink goes, there are plenty of places that cater to college students who seek tropical drinks and familiar food. Still, it wouldn’t be a complete trip without trying some traditional Bahamian cuisine.


This may not be on the average college student’s summer break list, but it should be. It’s the perfect combination of budget friendly pricing, a super walkable city, great music, and amazing places to eat and drink. You’ll enjoy great weather, and you’ll never miss the beach.

Of course, no trip to Memphis is complete with at least a day and night spent on Beale street. The bars, the music, food, and the friendly people make it all worthwhile. Don’t forget about Graceland. Yes, it’s corny. No, you shouldn’t miss it. Finally, check out the haunted pub crawl before you leave.

Punta Cana

This Dominican Republic destination is known for white sand beaches and clear blue water. You could certainly spend a week here drinking tropical drinks, relaxing at the beach, and enjoying the scenery. There’s not a single thing wrong with that. Still, if that isn’t your speed, you have several options.

Get active in Punta Cana! Try your hand at ziplining. Go parasailing. Take a guided scuba tour. Rent a dune buggy for a half day with your friends. Then, once you’re hungry and thirsty enough, it’s time to indulge.

There are so many amazing beach side restaurants here. No matter what your budget is, you are sure to find amazing food and drinks at prices you can afford. Don’t forget to sample something traditional with your friends. Casabe, a crispy flat bread is often sold with a bit of meat or even just a few spices. It’s a cheap filling snack, and a bit of a hangover cure.


2018 could be a banner year when it comes to your summer break. Check out the destinations listed above. The perfect time to make this year’s summer break plans is right now. Prior planning now, can help to ensure the best possible vacation.