Energy Mind is the first nootropic energy gel made with 100% natural ingredients. Differently, from any other product in this category, Energy Mind is an endurance sports nutrition free from caffeine, stimulants, additives, preservatives, or sweeteners. 

This plant-based energy gel provides an immediate clean energy boost to your muscles during exercise (23g carbohydrates), reduces fatigue with its unique isotonic formula (105mg sodium, 55mg potassium, and 15mg magnesium) and helps to improve your focus (focus nootropic action). What makes it so unique is its product concentration (more energy in 30ml only), digestibility and natural taste (no chemical flavors, additives or preservatives).

Simona Ino, the CEO of Crownhealth, the Swiss-based start-up says, “Energy Mind brings peace of mind formula that allows an athlete to access an energy shot that’s 100% natural and free of any artificial ingredients like stimulants, additives or GMO. Moreover, it has a great natural texture and taste that won’t leave you with a bad aftertaste or stomach pain. We have developed the cleanest solution for those who need instant extra energy and focus but don’t compromise on health. After all, endurance is all about challenging yourself. It is pain, fatigue and sacrifice. But it is also joy, adrenaline, and satisfaction. In order to reach our goals, we need to fuel our body with the healthiest products”.

Energy Mind’s formula based on organic rice and agave syrups contains cucumber extract ACTIDO™ and tomato extract NOOMATO™ that have clinically proven significant endurance, strength, recovery and focus improvements. All our products are suitable for vegan and vegetarian as free from gluten, GMO, lactose, soy, added sugar. 

One of the product ambassadors, Aaron, Trail runner & Scenic Trail Director (Switzerland) that Energy Mind has a “Great texture easy to swallow and leaves a clean mouth. No unpleasant side effects and no bad aftertaste that is very common in other gels. Great digestibility”.

The endurance sportsmen are suggested to drink Energy Mind right before or during training with a frequency of 1 to 3 gels per hour during intense physical activity (every 60 or 30 or 20 minutes). Energy Mind is formulated to be used alone or together with your thirsty-quencher water refill before or during endurance training.  Energy Mind is launched at the Natural Products Expo on March 7th, 2019 and it will be available for sales on the same day.