At Thrive Global, we’re big fans of better sleep. (You could even say that our founder and CEO, Arianna Huffington, wrote the book on it.) Numerous studies show that not getting enough shut-eye leads to loads of mental and physical health issues, from weight gain to weakened memory. So we rounded up our favorite gifts for helping friends and family get their seven to nine hours a night, the recommended amount for adults from the CDC and National Sleep Foundation. You may even want to get a couple of these for yourself, too.

Weighted Blanket

The science behind weighted blankets is still trickling in, but some studies suggest the deep touch pressure stimulation they provide (it’s the same comforting sensation you feel when you get a firm hug) can help people fall asleep faster and get a calmer night’s rest. And the anecdotal evidence that they can work for insomnia is strong. There’s no shortage of trendy weighted blankets on the market, but we like one of the originals: Magic Weighted Blanket, which is filled with tiny hypoallergenic polypropylene pellets that add extra heft. Choose from a variety of customizable sizes, fabrics, and weights (rule of thumb: your blanket should be 10 percent of your body weight). We’re partial to the “minky” material, or this silver chenille version — feeling the velvety-soft fabric when you awake in the night adds to the blanket’s soothing properties. From $109,

Image: Magic Weighted Blanket

Sleep-Boosting Buds

It’s time to put those classic foam ear plugs to bed. Bose noise-masking sleepbuds are barely-there, conveniently wireless ear plugs that mask sounds (a partner’s snoring, dogs barking, traffic) with 10 different audio tracks that help you fall back asleep if you’re rudely awakened. $249,

Image: Bose

Calming Mist

Loads of research shows that lavender can calm your nervous system and help ease restlessness. Just few spritzes of Vitruvi Sleep Mist, made with organic lavender oil, on your pillow or duvet before bed can help you doze off. $24,

Image: Vitruvi

Perfect Reading Pillow

Harvard research has proven that blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets can suppress the body’s production of melatonin, negatively impacting our circadian rhythms and making it more difficult to fall asleep. Reading a real book in bed is much more conducive to winding down. Enter Sleep Number’s Rest & Read Pillow, which makes reading in bed effortlessly comfortable with two sections that support both the lower back and the neck and shoulders, making it the perfect addition to a restful nighttime routine. $49,

Image: Sleep Number

Gift Box for Sleep

The FEED Relax Gift Box includes a hand-stitched Lingua Franca eye mask, which blocks out light that can affect your REM cycles, and a scented candle that casts a soft glow with a lavender scent to help you drift off. Plus, each purchase provides 28 school meals to children around the world, a stat that will also help you sleep at night. $98,


Temperature-Optimizing Sheets

The fabric of these Sleepsmart bed sheets keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter so that your body stays at its ideal core temp: 37.5 degrees Celsius. Developed with scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, these sheets are basically your personal climate control. From $159,

Image: Sleepsmart

Ultimate Alarm

Once you’ve put your phone to bed in the other room, rely on a Google Home Mini to be your alarm clock. Unlike a traditional bedside clock, there’s no light that flashes the time in your face, and when you need to set your alarm or know what time it is, all you have to do is ask. $50,

Image: Google

Classic PJs

Settling into a pair of pajamas at the end of every day can help your body unwind — it’s basically a signal to your brain to let you know it’s time to get some shuteye. These J.Crew Vintage pajamas are made of soft cotton to help you lounge, and snooze, comfortably. $98,

Image:  J.Crew

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