A great movie has the power to awaken your imagination, take your mind off of day-to-day stress, share a laugh with your loved ones, and connect to an inspiring storyline. 2018 brought some mind-expanding films to the big screen, and we asked our Thrive Global contributor community to share the movies that resonated with them most this year. Their picks will help you unwind, relax, and see things from new perspectives as we head into the new year.

A Star Is Born

“This film inspired me to reach out to those who are going through a hard time. Watching someone make that harrowing choice because they feel hopeless or like a burden really hit me. It made me want to check in more often with friends and family, it made me more aware of my words in times of conflict or anger. It made me want to love on people more for no reason at all, so they know they matter and there is always hope.”

—Lisa Pezik, business strategist and content expert, Ancaster, Ontario, CA


“Ruth Bader Ginsberg is one of the pioneers for women’s equality, and the work she did in her earlier career helped to set the stage for fairer advancement for women based on our ability, rather than gender. The documentary highlighted the fallacy of the myth that a woman can’t have a career and family, but it underscored that having a supportive partner, her husband Marty Ginsberg, makes the road traveled easier. The film underscores that Justice Ginsberg’s path was not a  ‘lean in’ but a move forward, step by step, knowing that what she was doing was right for both women AND men.”

—Jennefer Witter, CEO/author/advocate for women and diversity in the workplace, New York, NY


“2018 had several meaningful movies, but the film that affected me the most was BlacKkKlansman.  The film dives into understanding the deep impact hate can have, and how our inherent biases impact our actions. As I look around at the world today and the very visible actions of hate from synagogue burnings to websites set up to encourage prejudice, I go into the new year hoping we can find a way in 2019 to final put an end to hate and work toward understanding.”

—Susan, talent leader, Houston, TX

The Book Club

“I like movies with strong female characters. This movie gave me inspiration about growing older.”

— Amanda Renwick, HR manager, Johannesburg, SA

Love, Simon

“This film gave me hope that things are changing for gay people and really everyone, and hopefully getting easier as we progress forward into a more acceptable society.”

— Amanda Renwick, HR manager, Johannesburg, SA

The Post and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

“So many forgotten corners of history. I loved these vignettes.”

— Amanda Renwick, HR manager, Johannesburg, SA

Green Book

“This film will awaken or reawaken your awareness of bonds that can be forged between the most unlikely of individuals. It will remind you of our blighted history as reflected in sundown laws and books that listed the limited motels at which African-Americans could stay. But the movie was not blatant in its blames of hateful crimes. It portrayed a white police officer helping the traveling duo fix a  flat tire. In its balanced presentation, it also showed two minorities planning to rob that very same duo. The movie is an affirmation of biracial friendship and a beautiful tribute to America’s ability to move past its past.”

—Dr. Marlene Caroselli, author, Pittsford, NY

Christopher Robin

“This movie inspired me most this year. It gave me hope, joy, and made me feel that magic still surrounds us, even as adults.”

—Amanda Renwick, HR manager, Johannesburg, SA

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