Springtime is just around the corner, which is the time when most fishing enthusiasts try to plan their next fishing trip. The United States is home to so many excellent towns that are prime spots in the fishing world. Here are just a few examples of some places in the country that offer an abundance of fish and excellent views for the next time you think about your next fishing outing.

Bull Shoals

Located in the Ozark Mountains on the border of Arkansas and Missouri, Bull Shoals Lake is the largest lake in the area with over 74 square miles of water. The lake itself has arms that twist and turn, making it a great place to go fishing. Bull Shoals is also where the world’s largest bass, a mind-blowing 68 pounds, was caught in February 2017. The lake is home to perch, walleye, striper, and yellow perch.

Finger Lakes

Located in New York, these series of lakes were formed by melting glaciers millions of years ago and left behind the Finger Lakes. Some lakes are warm water fisheries and others are cold water fisheries, both offering a variety of fish. There are 11 lakes total each varying in size but all of them are great areas for fish. Having lived near the second largest of the Finger Lakes, Lake Cayuga, I can speak from experience that this is an especially excellent fishing spot. There are both warm and cold water fish species and since parts of the lake are so deep, cold water trout and salmon are also in abundance.

Dale Hollow Lake

One of the most renowned fishing spots in the United States has to be Dale Hollow Lake, located on the Kentucky-Tennessee border. Known for its clear water, beautiful surroundings, and large population of smallmouth bass. There is also a trout hatchery located at the dam, which provides over 1.5 million trout each year, making it the biggest trout hatchery east of the Mississippi River. Along with the great fishing that Dale Hollow Lake has to offer, it is also a great place to view Bald Eagles during the winter months.

Cape Cod

Even if you weren’t trying to find a great spot in the United States to go fishing, Cape Cod is a wonderful destination and one that should be added to your list. This location differs from the rest of the locations of the list because this is the only saltwater fishing destination. At Cape Cod, you can find fishing charters to take you on out on the ocean to fish for Bluefin Tuna, Bluefish, and Striped Bass. Cape Cod also has an abundance of freshwater trout to satisfy any fisherman’s need for fishing.

Originally published at garyvanzinderen.net