I can’t believe my first-born graduates tomorrow! I am a proud mamma.

All these graduating kids are entering the next phase and stepping further into “the real world.” For those graduating from college, they are now trying to figure out the right job for them. That is no easy task for anyone. So of course, I had many thoughts when Newsweek asked me to comment on their article about what Interview Questions to ask to find the right fit.

For those interviewing, remember all questions are trying to determine one of three things:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Do you want to do the job?
  3. Do you fit in with the company? In other words, do I want to do the job with you?

Even though it may be your first job, you still want to answer that last question for yourself as well. Keep in mind, the questions you ask at the interview are an indication of what is important to you about the job. Basically, you are revealing your decision criteria.

There are a few types of questions I like to ask:

Questions about the interviewer. These questions give their perspective of the company culture, the work, and career path. Examples include:

  • Why did you choose to work here?
  • What is the best and worst part of your job?
  • What makes you stay at the company?

Questions about the company. These questions give insight into their perspective of the company, the challenges, and the company values. Examples include:

  • What makes you proud to work here?
  • What would you change about the company?
  • How do you see the company living their values?

Questions about you in the role. These questions help the interviewer envision you in the role while giving you insight as to how to be successful. Examples include:

  • What would you wish you knew when you started here?
  • How would you describe the ideal employee for this role?
  • What advice would you give me on my first day on the job to be successful in the role?

Want more ideas, check out the Newsweek article or my book, Nail the Interview, Land the Job.

Congrats to my son and all the graduates!