I frequently get asked about how to start hiking (or walking outdoors) and how to pick the perfect backpack.

Carrying the Pelican MPB25 Backpack (25L, Black) on the Grouse Grind trail

The Pelican backpacks are my favourite for the outdoors, riding my bike around town and traveling. I recently went on a trip and they held up very well and were durable (I really put my bags through their paces).

What I love best about the Pelican backpacks is that when I am traveling, I can either put the bags on my back when I am riding a bicycle around town or I can carry the bags like traditional luggage.

Right now, my two favourite backpacks are:

Pelican MPB25 Backpack (25L, Black)

Pelican MPD40 Mobile Protect Duffel Bag

Here are my top tips for you to find the perfect backpack:

  • Look for a backpack that will suit the adventure you are going on (Is it for getting around town or a longer trip? How much will you need to carry?)
  • Check out the dimensions of the backpack to see if it will fit you (you can always adjust the straps)
  • Customize the fit of the backpack – get the right fit by adjusting the Shoulder Straps, Hip belt, Load Lifters and Sternum strap

Before you go outdoors (for a day hike or longer) make sure you have these items (my favourite is the whistle!).

There is always a chance you might end up staying longer than you intended (if you get lost or injured) and these items will help you keep safe, fed and hydrated:

  • Day pack
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Hiking boots, trail shoes or sturdy shoes
  • Plenty of food (be prepared to stay overnight, something could always happen)
  • Plenty of water
  • The Ten Essentials – these are from REI
  • Whistle – if you needed help, a whistle is less effort than yelling and the sound will travel farther

To find a local spot for a day hike (or longer) search on the internet for Parks or local hikes. Always make sure to tell a friend that you are going on a hike, where the hike is and who you are going with.

If they need to find you, they will know where to look. Let them know when you return from your hike too.

Hike with a friend and never rely on your cell phone for directions or to help you. I know when I am running the local trails (very close to the city) I do not get cell phone reception. Your cell phone might not work when you are on a trail.

Drop by a local outdoors store and they should have more information for you and might even host group hikes. You can make friends and learn about the basics of hiking and being outdoors.

Being in nature is one of the best things that we have in this world, so when you have an opportunity to enjoy it, go for it!

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