You know the feeling of getting a special gift that is truly unique and perfectly fits your style and personality. It’s a heartwarming experience because you see the gift-giver put some real thought and effort into the process. And this gesture is the difference between getting an obligatory, impersonal gift and one that is exceptionally special.

Bestowe Gifting believes all gifts worth giving should fit a person’s personality and style. And they know, the best gifts are always unique, special extravagances the person would not get for themselves but love getting from other people.

For these reasons, Bestowe Gifting is redefining the art of gift-giving. They know that in addition to selecting the perfect gift, presentation is paramount. Therefore, they carefully curate each gift box in a thoughtful, beautiful design. Their full-service in-house design studio also allows Bestowe Gifting to create specially crafted gifts for special events such as weddings, corporate gifting, and more while working in partnership with companies to create custom branded products and tech gear that can feel unique to any brand.

The holiday clock is ticking

If you are panicking because holiday shopping and delivery time is dwindling, but you have not procured gifts for your employees, Bestowe Gifting has you covered. To buy a little time, maybe consider New Year’s gifts for your employees or digital gift cards that thoroughly convey your appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Because Bestowe Gifting handles all of the shipping and delivery, you still have time to send the perfect, personal gift directly to their door over the next several weeks. The process is easy. If you don’t necessarily need your gifts by the end of December, Bestowe Gifting can handle large custom orders specific to your company.

Bestowe Gifting provides a personal element by adding a customized hand-written note to each recipient. In addition, they source all of their uniquely curated gifts from a variety of local artisans including black-owned businesses. This year has been extremely tough for small companies, and Bestowe Gifting is making it a point to do what they can to ease the burden.

Partnering with Feeding America

Supporting small artisan businesses is not the only way Bestowe Gifting is making a difference this holiday season. Their other mission is to raise awareness of the increasing number of people in the United States who worry about getting their next meal.

As a solution to this growing crisis, made more profound by the pandemic, Bestow Gifting has partnered with Feeding America and is donating ten meals for every dollar spent in their Artisan Auction. This auction has been a weekly event since November 16th and runs through the end of the year. “From our founding, we have always emphasized giving back and have partnered with select charities to do so,” said Catherine Weis, founder of Bestowe Giving.

Each week Bestowe will feature an auction item donated by a local artisan on their Instagram page. All proceeds are donated directly to Feeding America to ensure more people have adequate food, especially during the holidays.

And the generosity does not stop there. Bestowe Gifting will also be donating 10 percent from every gift box sale to Feeding America from now through the end of the year as well as ongoing generosity Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and NAACP and Direct Relief. “We specialize in giving and are proud to be able to give to Feeding America through our Artisan Auction. While we won’t be able to drastically decrease the number of food-insecure Americans, we hope that our efforts will inspire others to think about the meaning behind their gifts.”

This is the season to celebrate our blessings and remind the people most important to us how much they are appreciated. Whether shopping for one or hundreds, check out all Bestowe Gifting has to offer and make a difference in so many ways.